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Not just nails, but makeup hoarding too?!

*hangs head in shame* It’s true. Although, I still have more polish than makeup, but it turns out I just want all the pretty colours and glitter and shimmer. I am aย  Magpie. No judging ๐Ÿ˜€ Thought I’d do a quick blog post on how I store my makeup, what I do, and a quick organisation in progress ๐Ÿ˜€

This is my makeup case, not sorted out (although I have grabbed out stuff that I am destashing to my sister, but this is a bit of a mess). I keep my foundation/blush/concealer, eyeshadow palettes, and lipsticks and glosses in here. I also use a hanging storage thingy that I bought from a second hand shop to hang my daily moisturiser, brushes, and other misc makeup weaponry.

makeup unorganised

I am absolutely wearing a baggy jersey and trackpants. Just be grateful I’m not more in the mirror ๐Ÿ˜€ And yep, the tape on the mirror is there on purpose ๐Ÿ˜€

Taking photos of it made me tidy it up, so here it is again, better organised ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY!

case a bit more sorted

the mess in the middle is from a body shop brush on bronzer which spontaneously combusted one day. Gah. Everything was bronze and sparkly for AGES

I have a box on my drawers with untried eyeshadows in it – I try and use one untried and at least one tried eyeshadow at a time – spread the love around ๐Ÿ˜€ The sad thing is, I don’t wear makeup everyday and when I see all these pretties I feel like I’m a greedy cow who should be slathered in coloured powder every waking minute. Ah well.

untried eyeshadows

And this is my drawer with loose eyeshadows … the indie eye shadows. I have them in little plastic food containers arranged by colour, to make it easier to find one I want.

eyeshadows in drawers

This is them, opened ๐Ÿ™‚ I find it pretty interesting to see what colours I gravitate towards… purple, blue and green – same as the polishes – I have more brown eyeshadows than polishes though, which makes sense with my eye colouring. The only reason I have as many blues as I do is because I adore the colour so much ๐Ÿ˜€


And finally – I have a lot of samples of shadows – in little baggies, which are awesome to test colours but a pain to store, so I’ve stashed them in these – one is a CD holder (has the cool toned colours) and a business card holder (warm toned shadows).

sample storage

So many pretties – not enough face. If anyone sees me on the school run painted like an Avatar native you’ll know I’m trying to utilise more of my shadows… ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a great day!


New Nail Polish Rack!

I am so happy about this! Yesterday I built a new nail polish rack – I used pulled apart pallet wood and two right-angled bits of wood, pulled all the staples and nails out of it, laid it all out and then Mr Husband Man and I drilled holes and screwed together all the bits. And LOOK! It holds all my polishes! Ok, this isn’t all of them, but it’s MOST of them – and I’ve still built in a space for polish remover and the stickers/bling/nail files etc that go with it.

I love this. I gaze at it and sigh happily. I’ve organised by colour shelf, then on those shelves alphabetically by brand name, and within those groups by shade – light to dark, left to right. I know I don’t have a huge range of polishes compared to a lot of people, but there’s plenty for me ๐Ÿ˜€ The bottom shelf is uneven along the bottom, so it looks bowed, but hey it still works so I’m haaapppppyyyy!

I made that photo huge – so if you click on it you can see all the details ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a great day!

Easy DIY Jewellery Hanging Rack Thingies

I’ve been meaning to make these for awhile, as I like to have my jewellery (and, well, everything but mostly that isn’t allowed to happen anymore sob sob) organised and available. I have a earring stand, and a necklace rack, but wanted to make one for bangles and bracelets, and another for rings.My neighbour gave me a bit of wood (this is thick MDF), and I saw her wallpaper a stand last night, so the idea was born. I have wallpaper! I HATE painting MDF! Aha! Eureka! (thanks, neighbour N. You are creatively inspirational, AND you rock.)

So, here, broken down into many superflous steps: jewellery hanging thingies.

wallpaper, PVA glue, wood.

Get your wood,and your wall paper. Also glue, and tape (because I saw that the glue doesn’t stick straight away), and scissors. Cut out how much paper you’ll need. Because I have this wallpaper for my caravan, I was as stingy with it as I could be, and thats why I needed to have two bits for the longer (bracelet) bit of wood.

Paper, wood, scissors – scissors WINS!

Glue the wood on front and long sides, and the overlap around the back. I found it easiest to pull the paper tight, then tack it down with a bit of tape. Have tape ready cut and waiting, as you’ll only have one hand to tape with. Then tape down the other side, pulling tight across the front, minimise the bubblies. Good thing with textured paper? Can’t see them so much…

Tape to hold down the paper until the glue grabs it

On the short edges, cut down all four corners. Then cut the back bits off… glue along the wood, fold the sides in, then the front back over and tape along the back. Rinse, repeat.

Because I had two pieces for the bracelet board, I tried to make it look a bit more matched up – it’s never going to be exact with this pattern, but it definitely looked better this way up. With the longer board I had to tape the whole of one side to the back, then the other – the paper was long enough to have enough weight to peel the tape off, so go for gold to hold it down until the glue starts working.

I DO have fingers,and I’m NOT at a rock concert. I just.. do weird things with my hands while I’m working, ok?! ๐Ÿ˜€

To tidy up the edges, I just used more tape (of course! I love the stuff!). A small square over the edges, fold down the shorter side on the 45 degree angle, then fold the remnant straight down. Because it’s longer, there is a tacky edge which holds the lot in place. I’m not fussy, you can probably tell. If it looks alright, and it’s serving it’s purpose, I’m just fine with that.

Folded over two of the corners.. hah, you may have a fingerprint, but you’ll still need a retina scan to access the Master System of Destruction!!!

Then, in this case, fold theย  the top side of the sticky tapeย down..

And then the side remaining tape just folds over neatly into place. Supposedly.


Ta da!

Then.. lots of nails. I even tried to use a ruler to keep my bracelet side nails straight. Ahahaha. I can’t cut straight, or rule a line straight, no matter how hard I try.ย I did deliberately leave the other side much wider spaced, you’ll see why soon enough.

The nails I used, and the concept for hanging the bangles. Does anyone else have pot luck nails like this? Drives me crazy, but hey. I guess hide-and-seek for the right nails never hurt anyone…

The ring hanger. I gave up on Mr Ruler by this stage. Can you tell?

And here is the bracelet holder on my wall.. wow, terrible photo. It didn’t like the light in that room! I tied the string (it’s silver, you can’t tell here, but I’ll get a better photo when we get some sun) onto the nail, then tied a loop at the other end. Then you can just pop the string through the bangle, and loop it back up to the nail – takes up much less space and doesn’t allow the jewellery to fire randomly off into the room. Always a bonus.

How to make a similar earring holder – in case anyone wants to know – just take the back and glass out of a picture frame, then staple a double layer of mesh up along the back. Done!

The ring holder.. and the top of my necklace holder. Thats the same concept as these, just painted instead. I made this years ago, and used pinsย rather thanย nails – little nails are much better.

So, there you go! I’ve finally able to get it all organised, and clear out the space where they were. I have a few more bits to repair and then they can go up on the hangers, and then I’m all organised. Of course my bedroom looks like a jewellery bazaar… but… I’m SO okay with that ๐Ÿ˜‰