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Concealer Comparison: Maybelline, Garnier, and Kleancolor

I’ve thought about doing this post for awhile, then thought hey, why not? So, here is a comparison of three different concealers I have, which I use for trying to disguise the shadows under my eyes. I have different ones for spots/blemishes/melasma (brown patches caused by sunlight) coverage, usually a stick one, MUA at the moment which works very well.

See how the label on the Kleancolor has worn off? That happened within 5 mins of trying to use it. Odd. The rest has stayed on! :D

See how the label on the Kleancolor has worn off? That happened within 5 mins of trying to use it. Odd. The rest has stayed on! 😀

It’s funny, because concealer is the only makeup I will use everyday. We have Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (fair), Garnier Roll-on, and Kleancolor Morning Confession (natural). Side note to Kleancolor should any peoples from that place happen across this wee blog, please make a blush called Morning Glory. I would RUN to buy that.

Anyway! Two of these, the Garnier and Maybelline, are from companies that test on animals. This makes me sad. It’s very hard to buy concealer (affordable concealer!) from places that don’t test, and because I’m kinda addicted to the stuff when I see some on sale, I buy it. THEN I think about it, by which stage it’s too late. I’m sorry. I was super excited to see the Kleancolor version, because roller ball (which I love in the Garnier one), and they don’t test. Yay! But…

Left-Right: Kleancolor, Garnier, and Maybelline concealer swatches, no primer.

Left-Right: Kleancolor, Garnier, and Maybelline concealer swatches, no primer.

Here they are, on the back of my hand. It’s hard to get a small amount of the Maybelline out, and that tends to go chalky and cake if too much is used. A tiny bit on the inner corner of the eye is nice. The Garnier goes on beautifully, and the Kleancolor… does nawt.  The ball doesn’t roll, the make-up doesn’t come out, and when it does it’s patchy. Sigh

So, to demonstrate: here, on my forearm, I have drawn a suitcase – using eyeliner pencil. Why? Because some people have bags under their eyes,; I have suitcases. 😀


Now I popped on a smudge of the concealer: left to right: Kleancolor, Garnier, Maybelline.


Then rubbed it in a bit

left-right: Kleancolor, Garnier, Maybelline

left-right: Kleancolor, Garnier, Maybelline

Then a bit more.

left-right: Kleancolor, Garnier, Maybelline

left-right: Kleancolor, Garnier, Maybelline

I think this demonstrates how they work pretty accurately – although there was some smudging. The Maybelline worked  but left too much obvious residue behind, the Garnier is my favourite, best colour for me and hides without leaving too much behind, and the Kleancolor barely does a thing.

So, although it’s my fav, I’m not going to buy more of the Garnier Roll-on. Because my brain is working now. When I run out of it, I’ll pull that ball out and refill it with some of my foundation, which is gorgeous and not tested on animals and should work well. Shame about the Kleancolour, but I’ll get a wee brush one day and use it with that and see..

Have a bright-eyed day!

Ami 🙂

Ember Effect Mani – China Glaze and Maybelline layering.

I wore this a little while ago, and really liked it! I was looking for a ember/dying fire effect, and I really felt this worked.

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Drive In (from their Retro collection) – which is a gorgeous almost-ripe tomato red, it’s another one like Thunderbird that is a shimmer which looks really metallic in lower light. Super easy to apply (a bit runny) dries quickly and just looks gorgeous.

Heres a photo in really bad lighting, but I think you should get the general idea!

The polishes I used

Then I added one coat of China Glaze Orange Marmalade – this is SHEER. Very, very sheer. Super gorgeous orange with gold shimmer, but so very sheer! Layered over another colour its gorgeous, and dries fast because it’s thin. Adds the firey look to the red of Drive In.

Theres a chip on my index fingernail. I tried to hide it. Please ignore it! I'm hard on my hands 🙂

And then over that I layered one coat of Maybelline Colorama 709 – mini flakey polish. I love this look! The flakies have a blue flash in the bottle, but flick between gold/orange on my nail. Its a lot easier to remove than a glitter, too – but has a lovely 3D effect on top of another polish.  I don’t buy Maybelline (they test on animals), but this was part of a huge awesome amazing bulk lot Mr Husband Man bought for me at the IPC garage sale, and I do love it. Easy to use, not thick or thin, dries quickly (especially with a quick dry top coat, which I have on in these photos). I need more flakies! Ok, I need food, water, shelter and then the rest of Maslows Heirarchy of Needs – on which nail polish doesn’t actually feature. But I think its up there with Self Actualisation… 😀

Here’s an angle shot to show some of the green flash to the flakies…

And a close up shot, just because.

Maybelline Chic Chocolate and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

Just a quick post, because this was such a fail of a polish attempt!

Here they are: I wanted a dark shimmery red/brown, and chose Maybelline Chic Chocolate. This polish … it was on sale. My ethics and I have nothing to blame but my greed. Although normally I don’t buy Maybelline (the animal testing thing) this was at a big sale for… about $3 and I just grabbed it. *guilt* But it was pretty.

And then I did an accent nail with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple.. which is another guilty ‘really-cheap-not-checking-ethics’ polish, but.. well, I do have a few of them. One day I’ll have none, until then I’ll swatch what I have, and plant some trees or something.

Now, both these polishes are pretty – but I kept bumping my nails when they were wet (the Maybelline doesn’t dry in 50 seconds. Try 10 mins or so). And then I ran out of time and just threw more polish over the mungled polish.. and hoped the accent glitter would hide the mess. Oooh no, accentuate the negative…

This only lasted a day. It was a relief to get rid of it. It would have been nice, apart from my rush and lack of time. I’ll do a nicer post later… but there are others I want to do before that.

In case you think I'm exaggerating - here's a close-up of the mangled mess! 😀

Maybelline Express Finish: Charming Cobolt – Review

This is a nail polish by Mabelline, their Express Finish range (supposedly 5o second dry time) – in Charming Cobolt.

A pretty strange name for a very pretty polish. Here it is!

This polish was a gift from a friend of mine,who knows the kinds of colours I like. Thanks, N! I don’t tend to buy from Maybelline, they have some lovely things but they do test on animals, but this was such a thoughtful  gift that I enjoy it nonetheless.

In the shade. Please ignore the edges, it ran like a 12 legged camel on that nail.

It is a VERY deep blue with sapphire blue shimmer, very pretty. In the shade it looks almost black, but has that midnight blue hue – you can see that it isn’t black, which is nice.

in dim sunlight. I broke my middle nail down to the quick - so only two nails in the swatches for awhile! 🙂

Here’s a closeup to try and show the shimmer – what do you think? Is it an effective photo?

super close up!

It does take considerably longer than 50 seconds to dry. I orginally had 2 coats,base and quick dry top coat, and it would have taken 10 mins to dry, easily. Thats not too bad, but its certainly not good. Strangely, the next day I put on another coat (to hide the dings I made the night before because I thought it was dry and went for the chocolate too soon, hehehe ) and a top coat,and that dried VERY fast. Maybe 3 minutes? Formula was good, a bit watery but workable, and the colour intensity was great – 3 coats was perfect, but 2 was close enough.