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Two new frankens – including glitter!! Matte glitter!

I have previous blogged about some of the franken polishes my mother and I have been making – often from scratch. I’m having so much fun with it!  And as one of my biggest expenditures (when it comes to nail polish) is glitter polishes, it’s logical that I want to make some of these types of polish for myself :).  This is how I found myself spending a mildly shocking amount of money on solvent resistant  glitter from Glitter Unique.

Go on, have a look. Double dare ya. I also bought some from You Mix – both stores shipped quickly, packaged well, and have awesome stuff.

These are two glitter frankens I made, instantly, with remnant polishes and some of the glitter from Glitter Unique (just because it got here first, ok?! No favourites here!) This is the first: The polish was L’Oreal Sand Dollar – and it was just too… beige for me.  I added white hexes and hearts and a sprinkling of gold flakes.


I really liked the concept, which I was modelling after some other lovely indies out there (Hare Pegasus et al, thinking of you!).


I added a touch of Mode Sweetness and Revlon Sheer Pink to Sand Dollar to try and get the colour right, and a drop or two of OPI Steady As She Rose. I probably should have put a touch more Steady as she Rose into it, it was still a little too putty like for me.


Also, this has no suspension base in it, so the glitter sinks to the bottom. I did find that a good shake was enough to bring the glitters back up, but I did have to shake after every nail or so. So, not something I’d make again without suspension base, but fun to play with.


My other one was based on a mystery polish I have had for awhile, an old Barry M I believe (bought second hand with eroded labels). It’s a whole bunch of iridescent teeny glitters in a clear base.


I added dot glitters  to this. Red and blue small shiny dots, large black  matte dots, and stack loads of silver holographic butterflies.

Right hand! hah! I'm getting better at taking photos of my right hand :D

Right hand! hah! I’m getting better at taking photos of my right hand 😀

I layered this over OPI Steady as she Rose (it was right there, after all!) and tried to hide my inner 12 year old girly girl squealing away. Then Mr Husband glances over, grabs the bottle, looks at it, and says ‘shall we call this one Hello Kitty Cosmos, then?” *&^&(()*&*(& hehehe. Funny.

I did layer this over a grey polish too, see if it looked as girly over that: This is Misa Grey Matters.


And yeah, not as girly, but still pretty girly. And I love it even more over grey.


I can see me wearing this over almost everything… and can’t wait to get into making more polishes with matte, satin, or interesting shaped glitters!


Have a sparkly day

Ami 🙂

Lush Lacquer Seas the Moment – Swatches

Another gorgeous Lush Lacquer gifted to me on my birthday by my Sister V… squee! This is Seas the Moment – blue, green and white matte and satin glitters in a clear base.

But first – the ‘undies’ – my base colour. This is actually a polish my mother made, a gorgeous toddler blue with holographic shimmer. Toddler blue? Yeah, not really as pale and soft as baby blue, just a touch more grown up. 😉 Two layers of this – it was a bit runnier than I expected, and so flooded me nails. And left shimmer behind when I tried to clean it up quickly. Sorry about the mess, I obviously wasn’t feeling all that conscientious!


Now, this is Seas the Moment.

Lush Lacquer Seas the Moment

Pretty, huh! One thin, easy, lovely coat of Seas the Moment. Inside, under light 🙂




And then, of course, I matted it with Essie Matte About You.


Macro of THAT 😀


And because I was dying to try out the 3 way Nail Art Pens again, I added a quick and nasty flower on my ring finger with the pink and black pens, and there is a little black rhinestone in the center of the flower. I like those black blingies, because they are really quite satin, not all that glittery at all! Something different…


Have a lovely day!

Ami 🙂