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A week of holiday nubs – nail diary :)

My nubby diary for the week… sorry about the mess/bad lighting in a few of the earlier photos, I found it much harder to clean up than normal (less nails, same amount of polish on brush = massive flooding). But, here they are!

A franken of mine – green jelly with multicoloured green glitters. I had it at two coats, then jelly sandwiched it with Darling Diva Polish Vetiver in the middle. Gorgeous green glitter.

sorry for the blurry, and bad lighting! But this is more a diary than a swatch..

sorry for the blurry, and bad lighting! But this is more a diary than a swatch..

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story, three coats plus top coat.

oooh messy.

oooh messy.

Very, very sparkly and gorgeous in the sunlight! Don’t worry, I’ll re-swatch these properly when my nails grow back in.


Darling Diva Polish Holiday Lights is the glitter topper here, red, green and gold CIRCLE glitters. Squee!  The silver holo is Color Club Harp On It (two coats), and the accent nail is Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story – three coats. All covered with Misa BREAKneck top coat.


And here is Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story, layered this time over China Glaze Thunderbird. I definitely preferred this layered, it made it redder. The combo of glitters in A Christmas Story ended up having a brownish tint without the layering – but this was easy, and gorgeous. 2 coats Thunderbird, 2 easy coats A Christmas Story. My accent nail is 2 coats China Glaze Jolly Holly with one coat of D.D.P Holiday Lights. All are topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and L’Oreal Quick Dry nail polish.


Full hand shot.. look at all my half-grown baby chicks! Well, ok, a very small portion of my baby chicks 😀


Then, this is the exact same mani but I wanted MOAR – so I added a layer of Darling Diva Polish Snowball to my middle finger. Those snowflake glitters are gorgeous – and a little too big for my curvy nails. I had to fish them out with a needle, but there’s an abundance of iridescent and white glitters, this is a super awesome topper. Finished with N.P.B Glitter Food and Misa BREAKneck


Another photo of the three different polishes!


And finally, one coat of D.D.P Snowball over two coats of Revlon Royal. I might try and wear this all winter (o.k, probably not, I love changing my polishes too much. Still, the thought it there!). Love…


Another  angle, more sunlight, and check out that little munted snowflake. See? They ARE unique! 😀


And Micro Macro…It was interesting that Snowball kind of lifted some of the blue from Royal onto the snowflake. It was dry… maybe a top coat in between next time, huh. Royal is crazy pigmented.


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Have a great day


Rocking The Holiday Nubs: aka Festive Nail Polish for Super Short Nails

Yesterday, whilst in the middle of a Swatch-a-Thon, my nails gave up. I had broken my pinky nail down to the quick, and fixed it with nail glue and teabag paper. Then my index nail broke – I just glued that together. So, painting and swatching was loads of fun: every time I removed a polish the teabag had to be buffed flat again.. and I was GRUMPY. I’m waiting on some polishes to review, AND I have been really looking forward to a whole month of glitzy, blingy, holiday nails. And I couldn’t keep them fixed, not really.

So, I chopped them all off, and pouted a bit. Then thought, how ridiculous! If I want glitzy nails, I’m going to have them, and more to the point, I’ll show them! Instead of making it seem like only those with longer nails can have polish or pretty colours, I’ll rock my nubs instead :D. Here is my first super short nail post, and this is for those people with super short nails, who want to have the holiday nails without necessarily drawing TOO much attention to the length of their nails.


These are my nails. I’m glad I could trim them before they tore the whole way through. I put one coat of Revlon Catty over them. Nice coverage in one coat, and good fast dry time, Revlon. But why you go test on animals, Revlon! WHY! I got this in a sale. My ethics voice was drowned by my greedy voice. Stink. If you are super self conscious of your nails, you could just put another coat on of this, and call it done. It has a lovely little shimmer to it, and is a festive nude shade. The nail polish should also help protect your nails so they grow faster (SCIENCE: they won’t grow faster, they just don’t break as much. hehehe sorry).


But, glitzy nude wasn’t what I wanted, and I’m tired of feeling like I should be ashamed of my hands if the nails are stubbins. So, here is one coat of a franken I made – I really wanted Crows Toes Maxxed Out, but need to stop the buying of polish. This is a conglomerate mix of loads of different silver, gold, and holo glitter polishes. It works for me. 😀


Added to this was one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, and one coat L’Oreal Quick Dry (same sale, same shame). Thanks to the Glitter Food this dried smooth as well as fast.


This is lovely and blingy, but still in a good tone range for my skin: I think silver would stand out more, but I wanted a bit of a disguise. The mid sized hexes piled up help give an optical illusion that my nails are a bit longer than they are too. And best of all, it’s FESTIVE!!


So, I think my middle two fingernails look fine with this polish at this length. My index nail is scraping by, and my poor pinky is horrible. But it’s horrible with BLING on it, so that makes it allll ok.

Micro Macro!! :D

Micro Macro!! 😀

I have quite a stash of previous manis to post, so you probably won’t see my nails this short again. Rest assured I’ll be painting them all holiday-like though, so if you do want to see more super short nails all dressed up, just leave a comment.


Have a great day, regardless of mishaps!

French Nail Polish Alternatives and Ideas

There’s a back story, and it goes like this. My husband and I were discussing how much we disliked french nail polishes, and shortly thereafter my cousin mentioned how much she liked them. Now, no one’s wrong here. A nice french polish can make your hands look healthy, and certainly natural and pretty. For me, personally, I think it looks a bit outdated and artificial – and it’s a bit like spending $160 on an invisible haircut. Yet people do that too… each to their own, I say!

However it got me thinking.. there are quite a few alternatives to the classic french nail polish out there, maybe I should compile a few? Just sticking with the classic colour scheme, for now at any rate! So I did, and didn’t enjoy it much, and took photos … and then discovered my darling eldest child had changed all the settings on my camera, and I had to start all over again. Snarl.

These were nasty manicures the first time around – and are SUPER awful now, but hopefully the ideas behind them are obvious!

Cotton bud and sponge- the only tools you need!

First up – a sponge attempt. Now you can see where I went overboard with the white, and my nails are just too short for this. It really looks funny. But it was very easy, and I’m keen to give it  a go with better colours. I just had a cotton bud dipped in remover ready and waiting, and clean up was super easy. And yes, I just hacked a piece of a new kitchen sponge, and used that. Kiwi ingenuity! One coat of pink (Color Club Get a Clue) , then sponged pink with white tip (CR 58), plus top coat. I also threw a glitter coat on my ring fingernail. Didn’t help…

And quite nasty looking. Eww. Still.. with practice..

Then came the nude polish with a sticker accent – I put this on very wet polish, and it oozed up over the sides. Don’t do this, and you’ll be fine. I quite liked this look, actually! Polish is L’Oreal Sand Dollar (highly sheer! Argh!) and the stickers were from the $2 shop.

Then I experimented with dotting – base coat of L’Oreal Sand Dollar,and the white was CR 58. The first one I meant to do a half moon as well as a dot nail tip and… well, I am cranky and sick, it didn’t work out well.

Then I framed my pinky with white dots – same polishes as before. This looked quite nice, I think.

Last but not least I tried my first framed manicure – well, ok, my second (thanks, child.) The white was CR 58, and the pink was Color Club Get a Clue. I should have taped off the tip. I did that the first time. But… I was in such a hurry, I just freehanded this, then did a freehand tip to clean up the edge. Looks bad, hey?! But the possibility of something quite nice is there – I like the combination, just too stark to be a ‘normal’ french polish. I wouldn’t wear it for long, though.

And there you go! Any other ideas out there? Apart from not giving up my day job? 😀

And the million dollar question: french polish, or no french polish?