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The Most Awesome Hat that ever Awesomed – from Neevynoonar

A long time ago – but not that long – I had a stall at a craft market in Palmerston North, alongside a long term crafter and fellow market goer, Cathie. She makes everything 😀 Felted badges. Knitted and crocheted goods. Sooo many awesome things. And off the top of my head I went, ooh I’d really love to get a helmet hat and beard, did you think you could make one sometime? And she said yes, and I went WHOOO! And that was the last of it until she remembered, and reminded me, and went and MADE IT. Yesterday, I went and picked it up. An amazing, one of a kind, knitted and crocheted helmet hat and beard. Prepare for photos!

helmet beard

Helmet and beard! Yes, I moustache you a question. Is this not the most magnificent?!

helmet beard preen

I did ask for a rainbow beard, even though I haven’t seen one anywhere, and it is much more awesome than I expected. It’s also separate from the hat, so I can wear it with other hats. And wear it I will, it keeps my face sooo nice and warm 😀 Plus, bad skin day? Who’d know?! And check it out with the visor down…

helmet visor downThen just the helmet on it’s own – the visor is attached with some seriously cool buttons (functional!) and can be raised or lowered. When charging someone. With a crochet hook maybe. 😀

helmet visorCloser look at the crest – that amazing red wool crest took her 7 hours to make – and she is FAST at this. I have some guilt. Which is offset by also having the coolest helmet ever. 😀


Cathie has her Facebook page here – you could always ask for something, she is lovely. She also has the most amazing things at craft markets! She has said she won’t make a crest quite like this one again (totally understandable) so I’ll gloat about my amazing one of a kind helmet … and anyone who wants something similar could always ask 😀

Right, I’m off to leap onto my hobby horse and ride off into the sunset. Wish me luck and send me sunscreen!

Have an awesome weekend