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A week of holiday nubs – nail diary :)

My nubby diary for the week… sorry about the mess/bad lighting in a few of the earlier photos, I found it much harder to clean up than normal (less nails, same amount of polish on brush = massive flooding). But, here they are!

A franken of mine – green jelly with multicoloured green glitters. I had it at two coats, then jelly sandwiched it with Darling Diva Polish Vetiver in the middle. Gorgeous green glitter.

sorry for the blurry, and bad lighting! But this is more a diary than a swatch..

sorry for the blurry, and bad lighting! But this is more a diary than a swatch..

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story, three coats plus top coat.

oooh messy.

oooh messy.

Very, very sparkly and gorgeous in the sunlight! Don’t worry, I’ll re-swatch these properly when my nails grow back in.


Darling Diva Polish Holiday Lights is the glitter topper here, red, green and gold CIRCLE glitters. Squee!  The silver holo is Color Club Harp On It (two coats), and the accent nail is Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story – three coats. All covered with Misa BREAKneck top coat.


And here is Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story, layered this time over China Glaze Thunderbird. I definitely preferred this layered, it made it redder. The combo of glitters in A Christmas Story ended up having a brownish tint without the layering – but this was easy, and gorgeous. 2 coats Thunderbird, 2 easy coats A Christmas Story. My accent nail is 2 coats China Glaze Jolly Holly with one coat of D.D.P Holiday Lights. All are topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and L’Oreal Quick Dry nail polish.


Full hand shot.. look at all my half-grown baby chicks! Well, ok, a very small portion of my baby chicks 😀


Then, this is the exact same mani but I wanted MOAR – so I added a layer of Darling Diva Polish Snowball to my middle finger. Those snowflake glitters are gorgeous – and a little too big for my curvy nails. I had to fish them out with a needle, but there’s an abundance of iridescent and white glitters, this is a super awesome topper. Finished with N.P.B Glitter Food and Misa BREAKneck


Another photo of the three different polishes!


And finally, one coat of D.D.P Snowball over two coats of Revlon Royal. I might try and wear this all winter (o.k, probably not, I love changing my polishes too much. Still, the thought it there!). Love…


Another  angle, more sunlight, and check out that little munted snowflake. See? They ARE unique! 😀


And Micro Macro…It was interesting that Snowball kind of lifted some of the blue from Royal onto the snowflake. It was dry… maybe a top coat in between next time, huh. Royal is crazy pigmented.


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St Patricks Day Manicure – because, why not?

I don’t normally (as in, never before), go out celebrating St Patrick day. My last name is Irish, so I assume I could legitimately claim some of the party action, but as I don’t know WHO it was in my family were Irish, I was always reluctant. Not this year. Bring on the party, I’m there! So – out comes the green polish.

Posing with a Guinness Can. Seemed appropriate.

This was Colour Club Holiday Splendour – 2 coats, on 4 nails. Awesome polish, stunning colour, big chunky holographic glitter. Goes on well, chips fast. Gritty! So pretty. One the accent nails I had 1 coat of China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint.

Then, on all nails, I taped a diagonal and added 1 THICK coat of China Glaze Glittering Garland (LOVE this polish!).

Then one layer of the un-named Japanese holographic top coat, because it wasn’t yet so blingy you could see it from space. After that, it was.

Heres another few photos!

Blurred for extra bling.



Then, just because OTT is THE way to go, sometimes, I added a stick on blingy thing – from a packet from the $2 Shop. I used nail glue to hold it on, then glued my finger to my fingernail when pressing it on. Still, it worked out in the end!

Sparkles! You can see it was chipping already on my index finger - sad. But still, pretty!