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Party Nails: Layla Holographic Retro Pink and Cover Bands Stick ‘n’ Stones

My friends and neighbours had a 30th birthday party, dress up or down optional. Of course, I dressed up. I do this. And I chose 80’s theme, as I also like too. And then, of course, had to make my nails themed too… So I chose Layla Holographic Retro Pink (2 coats), Cover Bands Stick ‘n’ Stones (2 dabbed coats), Vivid Lacquer Your Princess is in Another Castle (1 coat) and finished with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Layla Retro Pink & Cover Band Sticks n Stones

One huge advantage to the Layla Holographics is that they dry so fast! Another is that they are very pretty, and VERY holographic.


Sticks ‘n’ Stones added that sort of graphic look that reminds me of the 80’s era, and just broke it up a bit for me, and I loved that the thin layer of Your Princess is in Another Castle added some chunky holo and pink glitters to make it all perfect.


And then I took lots of photos in the sunlight…


And another!


And in case anyone wanted to see a bad photo of my outfit, here it is 😀 You can’t really see, but my makeup was all blue and pink (loads of pink), and my earrings were huge. I also wrapped necklaces around one boot hehehe.


Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂