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It’s been quite some time since I have posted a photo on here, so here is one I took two nights ago.

New Zealand possum

New Zealand possum

This fella was in the tree just outside the house, making that coughing call they do. It’s been quite some time since a possum was around that I almost didn’t know what the sound was! He was quite happy for me to take his picture though, and hasn’t tried to come into the house, which is nice. And, hopefully he’ll move on again soon.

Have a great day


Fiona Elrington Pet Portraits

Hello everyone! My awesome cousin Fiona has her pet portrait website up and running, and I’d love you to check it out (here!).

Fiona works with oil paint and canvas, and creates the most amazingly better-than-the-photo paintings of peoples beloved pets: mostly dogs and cats at the moment, but I know her and her skills, and she’d be up for ANYTHING.

It’s not just shameless nepotism; I sincerely believe that she has amazing ability with her art, and her heart, to see what it is that makes each fur baby special and adored, and translate that to canvas. She has quite a few of her previous commissions on her website, in the gallery (along with testimonials and the original photos), so you don’t have to take my word for it, you can see for yourself 😀

Sam, with oil, on canvas. So gorgeous. Image remains the property of Fiona Elrington.

She’s based in Kapiti (mmmm, almost at the bottom end of the North Island), New Zealand, and can work from photos – she also gives great advice on taking a good photo of your pet. These are great for presents (esp if you want to make the recipient cry, she’s GOOD at that) – and it’s the perfect way to remember your loved four-foot (or two, or finned, go on – make it a challenge!) forever; whether or not they are still with us physically or have passed on.

Lucas – on canvas, with oil. Images property of Fiona Elrington

So, please, if you have a few minutes, can you check out her brand-spanking new website at Fiona Elrington Pet Portraits, and pass it on if you can think of anyone who may love this? Thank you so much!

Have a great day 🙂

Please note: ALL images copyright to Fiona Elrington, and used with her express permission (she’d beat me otherwise, trust me, and be wary :D)