Dark Heart Designs Makeup Review

I bought some makeup from a new-to-me Indie makeup creator (website pointed out by Estelle of Serenity blog, check out her swatches, they’re amazing!). Tina from Dark Heart was having an amazing pre-Christmas sale, so I went and bought a few things, and they’ve arrived today (very quick, all considering postal holidays and transit distance to NZ!) Here are my quick and nasty swatches, over bare skin and Dark Heart eyeshadow primer.

Dark Hearts 1

Left to Right – Glinda. Peachy pink with a really pretty shimmer.

Deal:  Looks grey brown in the jar, but has a really awesome coppery shimmer, can’t wait to try this one on my eyes 😀

Eva: Smaller swatch because I got a mini of this, but it’s a nice purple grey.

And the goopy looking gold shimmer is something different, totally, to your normal powder eyeshadow. It’s called Centaur’s Wisdom, and it’s a liquid shimmer. With an eyedropper.

eye dropper on the shimmer

eye dropper on the shimmer

See? How funky is that?! Even though my camera focused on the primer, whoops.

dark heart 3

This is a big bottle too, should last forever. The directions are to put a couple drops onto your brush, and dab on. I did put some on this morning, and the shimmer is sparser than I’d thought, making it more wearable for the everyday. I’ll layer it over another shadow tomorrow, as per her instructions, and see how that goes. Neat idea, and I can see it working as a cheek shimmer too if that’s your thing. The eye Primer… this is the first eye primer I’ve tried that’s not clear or white. It’s a putty colour, but is invisible on the skin. I’ll have a proper play with this later, but it certainly holds the colour on my hands just fine 😀

Dark Hearts

And lets look at the jars the full sized shadows come in. These are the coolest shaped containers! They have a standard shifter in them, but they just look and feel awesome.

dark heart shadow

I also love that they have that thick edge, the colour/clear difference appeals 🙂

Tina also added two free samples in little baggies, Frost (white, hyper shimmery), and Shudder (slightly brown toned purple shimmer).

dark Heart samples

I did laugh, because shuddering is what I do when I see frost toned nail polishes 😀 But Frost will make a great inner eye highlighter colour, and I think I’ll be wanting a full size of Shudder, it’s stunning.

The whole lot arrived in an organza bag, there was an ingredients list, little note, business card, and a handwritten note saying thanks, written on paper with seeds in it. That’s just… amazing. I love that so much. And she sealed the post bag with a wax seal (oh, and the normal sticky seal, yes!). Full of amazing touches. I’d highly recommend checked her site out!

Have a great day



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  1. Ooo you got that review up fast! I love those jars, they’re such a cute shape. You got the same two samples as me and I have to say I hadn’t made that connection yet about shuddering at frosts, but when I read your post I just about spat out what I was drinking lol. Great swatches! Is it just me that wants to order more while the sale is still on? 😛 xx

    • trying to be a bit quicker about it! 😀 Probably will fail at that soon 😛 hahaha glad to make you laugh, gladder you didn’t quite because it’s always the computer who suffers (oh, the humanity!). You’re not alone, I want more! Buy, so I can live vicariously through you 😀

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