Quick Geek Chic Cosmetic Swatches

Quick swatch on my arm of the new makeup I bought from Geek Chic during their recent sale!

swatches in the shade...

swatches in the shade…

From left to right, all applied with a wet brush on bare skin EXCEPT the glitter which is over Glitter Glue (it wouldn’t stick at all, otherwise, be warned!) are:

*House Elf :  gorgeous warm shimmery brown I bought a sample, but I’ll be buying a full size of this when I can!

*You Know Who:  very nice blackened green with green sparkles

*Yellow Jumpsuit: lovely shimmery orange

*Blood Bond: I bought a sample of this last time and went back for the full size, it’s a nice auburn red, and I like them with my skin tone and eye colour.

*Yay! I do like a nice light shimmery pink, seeing as I’m not flash at putting on makeup and often don’t have much time, a quick sweep of a nice neutral is a good way to feel like I’ve made an effort 😀

*Always: pretty dove grey with sparkles, throws a green almost duochrome here!

*Frag: total glitterbomb, may never have the guts to wear this on my eyes, but it’s pretty and a nice mix of silver and gunmetal grey glitters

and the last swatch is a lipgloss called Willful Wyvern, and it is a duochrome, lilac and green. Doesn’t show up that dense on the lips, but adds a pretty sheen and a subtle shimmery gloss, isn’t sticky, smells like cocoa and something else I can’t quite pick, the sheen and colour disappear quickly (as with ALL lipgloss in my experience) but the moisturising effect lingers for quite some time, as a bonus!

sunlight: House Elf, You Know Who, Yellow Jumpsuit, Blood Bond, Yay!, Always, Frag, Willful Wyvern

sunlight: House Elf, You Know Who, Yellow Jumpsuit, Blood Bond, Yay!, Always, Frag, Willful Wyvern

It did take a long time for these to be sent, the lovely people from Geek Chic did sent out periodic nice and abashed emails, apparently the sale was successful beyond their wildest dreams and they were rushed off their feet. So, hey, they got here! They are pretty! No free samples this time (quickly suppressed pout) but the sale was so good that I still feel like I got FAR more than my money’s worth. I definitely recommend Geek Chic cosmetics!

Have a great day



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