Pendants from Peacock Pie

Serra from our NZ Polish Addicts group recently got into making nail polish jewellery, starting with pendants and branching out… and out… and out… and while she is very modest about it, she has a real talent for it! She has opened an etsy shop called Peacock Pie, and is selling these gems there.

I bought a pendant from her, and she included another one free in exchange for a review – and here they are!

peacock pie 1

First up is this gorgeous blue pendant using Femme Fatale Cold Wraith, layered up to perfection . I have tried a similar combo of blue/green Femme Fatale over blue on my nails and loved it so much that I was sad when I had to take it off. And now I don’t have to!

peacock blue

That’s the best bit about nail polish jewellery, it lasts forever 😀

Peacock Blue (2)

The pendants come with a lovely long chain, and have a nice weight to them, the glass dome is very tactile, and I just keep playing with them 😀

Peacock blue (3)

Photos don’t do these justice, by the way, they are too sparkly to capture, the glass reflects too much, but they give some idea.. I’d say these are easily twice as nice in real life than in the photos. 🙂

peacock blue on 1

And the little cat has been handpainted onto the back of the glass dome, and the polish layered up behind it, giving her hand painted and stamped pieces a real 3D effect!

peacock cat

I love it when cats sit like this, it makes me giggle. She does some lovely elegant cat silhouettes too, but not for me, I’m just not a very elegant person 😀 Anyway! This cute cat has a silver background and gold glitters, making it wearable with everything. I’m wearing it now!

Peacock Cat (2)

This was almost impossible to photograph properly, it’s so blingy 😀 But the cat isn’t blurry or soft at all, it’s very black and clearly defined. 🙂  Serra also sends a cute little card out with them, and they are beautifully presented in jewellery boxes with a shake of stars. So pretty.

peacock pie

She is also starting to experiment with earrings and rings as well, who knows what will be next? 😀 Her prices are incredibly reasonable, a pendant ranges between $9NZ and $13NZ, depending on the nail polish used and amount of painting she has done. She also only uses polishes which are cruelty free (not tested on animals), and she does use some Star Kin polishes (thanks, Serra!). You can find her shop here, I’d highly recommend checking it out! She also does some lovely custom pendants, so you can choose what you like, which is loads of fun 😀

peacock pendants

Have a wonderful day



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  1. thanks Ami! glad you like them 🙂

  2. These are adorable!

  3. Hold up! I spy a whale farts pendant!

    • In her shop? You will! 😀 She has quite a few of our Star Kin polishes in her pendants, Violet Disregard, even some of our glitters 😀 I’d love them even if she didn’t buy and use some of our polishes, though 😀 And good spotting! 😀 ❤

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