first world blogger issues … and Nail Polish Spam!

Morning! Let me share a (non) sob story with whoever has the wish to read further. I have a lot of untried nail polishes. A LOT. Because, well, I buy a fair amount, in spurts, and then I hate to put them on, take photos, and take them straight off again. It feels wasteful to me, and unfair to the polishes who really deserve better 😀 What to do? I think I *may* have a solution!

This post will show a bunch of polishes, which I have swatched only. As in, put on, photographed, taken off. NEXT! BUT….at the end of this I chose my favourites (and with 10 nails I can choose up to 10 hehehe NO RULES!) and put them back on as a proper manicure, and wear that for a while.  Let me know if it works for you, and I’ll let you know if it works for me! 😀

(honestly, I have about 150 polishes that I haven’t even tried. Steps need to be taken.)

SpaRitual Elixir –  3 coats, no top coat, shade photos.


Sheer but pretty, sort of bridal-esque polish with pretty glass flecks. I love this brand, even though I have the worlds most boring colours from them, I just love the bottles and the image of it all.

Elixir (2)

Banana Republic Black Wisteria – 3 coats, no top coat, shade

black wisteria

Sun… Black Wisteria is a very jellyish polish, and with my application skills this equals streaky. Lovely and glossy though!

black wisteria (2)

Fantasy Makers (by Wet & Wild, snigger at the name) Nail in the Coffin. 3 coats, no top coat.

nail in the coffin

Very cool bottle, and I love the dark and shimmery brown polishes! Nice one!

nail in the coffin 1

Nfu Oh 074 – two coats over black, three coats alone, no top coat


These shimmers are too sheer for me to wear on their own, but I like them over black, the yellow goes olive. Very nice.

074 1

Rimmel Grey Matters – 3 coats no top coat

grey matter

Solid grey creme. Yep. Can always use these, can’t wax too eloquent about them.

grey matter 1

Boe Beauty Champagne – 3 coats, no top coat


Pretty shimmer, $2 in The Warehouse, why you so streaky?!

champagne 1

Sabrina Sato Dreams – 3 coats, no top coat


slightly frosty colour duochrome polish, dusty blue/ gold.

dreams (2)

Kolt Golden Chip – 2 coats no top coat

Golden Chip

Adore this polish. Just, wow. Applies so smoothly, and it’s such a perfect gold shade 🙂

golden chip1

Covergirl midnight magic – 3 coats, no top coat

midnight magic

deep blackened blue with blue shimmer that doesn’t hide too much.

midnight magic1

Wet and Wild (snigger) Teal of Fortune – 3 coats no top coat

teal of fortune

very pretty polish! Stains, though. Word of warning. Double basecoat and don’t let it touch your cuticles (don’t feed it after midnight, either!).  A bit sheer, as you can probably see for yourself. In real life the shimmer is blinding and it’s not so obviously sheer.

teal of fortune (2)

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black – 1 coat layered over Nail in the Coffin, no top coat

chunky holo black

Been meaning to try this one for a year. I actually have two, one I’ll franken though. Nice large iridescent flakes, green/gold/orange/blue.

chunky holo black 1

And my favourites were Kolt Golden Chip and Wet &  Wild Teal of Fortune


so I just did some accent nails and reversed the colour in the little rhinestones.

mani light

I didn’t get any photos, but my youngest son was also a fan of the Kolt and got me to do his nails, which was fun, it’s been awhile since they’ve let me do that! 😀

Some of these I’ve been given, some I’ve bought. I won’t, personally, by Covergirl or Wet & Wild brands, but I’ll use them if I’ve been given them, and love them too 😀 My personal opinion is that point of purchase is where we can make a difference between buying animal tested (or from a brand who does) and from one who doesn’t. After that, fair game 😀

Have an awesome day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. tee hee my polishes have feelings too! when they get half empty i feel sorry for them because they look sad and i have to shake them up!

    i buy lots simply cos i need that colour for some nail art i havent thought of yet or might never do… i have plenty i wouldnt actually wear as a mani haha

    • yay, polish feelings! 😀 I have to shake mine too, esp when they start separating a bit in the bottle, makes me feel sorry for them.
      I buy some now just because I don’t have that colour, and I don’t have that colour because it looks disgusting on me hehhe. So this may give me an out from having to wear them allllll on their own 😀

  2. 150?? You’re right, I think it IS time for an intervention!

    Or you need a babysitter so you can just sit and polish solidly for a day.

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