Nail Polish Spam – bigger companies :)

E.g. not independent companies! Here are a bunch of photos for you… and also for me, to clear my desk at long last 😀

Here’s another pretty polish from Megan (seriously, chicky, do you have any ugly polishes? These are GORGEOUS!) this is Sinful Colors Timbleberry, one of my favourite types of colours, that almost neon coral pink.

Sinful Timbleberry

Two lovely even coats, no top coat 🙂 I also added Color Club Snowflakes to my accent nail, and tips. Snowflake is a lovely green/blue/gold iridescent hex polish in a clear base, but I couldn’t get any good photos of them, they just kind of look like holes in the polish. Not so good.


But, in real life, this was quite pretty indeed!


Next up is Orly Galaxy Girl, which is even prettier on the nail than in the bottle.

Orly Galaxy Girl

This is two coats, plus Misa BREAKneck topcoat.

Orly Galaxy Girl

The colours shifted between an auburn brown, teal/blue, and a gorgeous pinkish purple.

Orly Galaxy Girl

I didn’t think this would be as multi-chromatic on the nail, but it was more so!  Love this polish, easy, quick, and stunning. There hasn’t been one from this range (I believe it was the Out of this World range from Orly a few years ago) that I haven’t loved. Just straight out adore. The bottles (large!) the handles (rubbery, soft, perfect grip), the brushes (great!) the polish itself (stunning). Sigh. Thank you, Orly, for making these polishes. Please make more. I love them.

Orly Galaxy Girl

And here is Boe Beauty Ballet Pink. My Sister C bought me two Boe Beauty nail polishes for my birthday, and they were great, but I’ve never seen this brand here before. Then, lo! A stack of them in The Warehouse for $2 each! Allllll right! I got Black (which is black, two coater, nice), red, which I’ll swatch later, and this one.

boe ballet


I thought this would be a pale pink, but it’s more a very pale peach – I don’t have anything like this, and it’s really pretty.

boe ballet 3

Trouble is, it’s also really streaky – I guess the payoff for being not sheer, is streaks. It’s quite a harsh soft colour, if that makes any sense? Not twink like, but definitely polish, not a natural colour at all. I really like it. Woe on the streaks though.

boe ballet (2)

This is three coats plus top coat.


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