SpaRitual Gilded Age, Wing Dust Zambezi Sunset swatches and layering

a couple bad photos of SpaRitual Gilded Age – two coats, no top coat.


Very sheer, pretty but slightly old fashioned deep peach/orange/salmon polish loaded with gold (real gold, too, apparently, though I think most of what is visible is shimmer – there is pink as well as gold in there). Quite nice, I can’t see me reaching for it all that often, but it will be nice as a base against some of the glitter toppers!

Spa Ritual Gilded Age

I added Wing Dust Collections Zambezi Sunset to this, as I thought it was close to the base colour of Zambezi Sunset. And it was.

Wing Dust Zambesi Sunset

Too close.


I don’t know, I guess it’s pretty, but it leaves me very cold. The glitter didn’t really want to come out, possibly because it’s a mini bottle, but I just thought there was a lot of interest in Zambezi Sunset that was lost against the base.

close up of a tiny bottle - see, loads of interesting glitter in there!

close up of a tiny bottle – see, loads of interesting glitter in there!

So I layered it over Kleancolor Black. (one coat).


I liked this effect much more, the pinks and orange shimmers stood out much more and the holographic glitters really shone.


And, I guess I just tend to prefer more dramatic looking polish 😀

You can get SpaRitual polishes from Gracie Lou here in NZ, and Wing Dust Collection from Llarowe and her Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful day



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