PANZ Week 7: Copycat Mani

Whoa, where did that week go?! I’ve been pretty slack at blogging, I must apologise: I’ve been around but my time has been taken up by listing our nail polishes on our Etsy shop. I have some ideas for how to get going on this again, which I’ll share, soon!

So, copycat mani! Weeeeelllll, I didn’t exactly copy. But, I did use one of my favourite nail bloggers as an inspiration, so that’s got to count. This was a ‘skittlette’ mani, inspired by Marta of ChitChat Nails – I wish I had a photography setup like hers 😉 .That aside, she has the most amazing stamping, colour schemes, and out and out classy, glamorous nails. *envy* 😀


So, I went with a somewhat subdued colour theme, and really enjoyed it. I had China Glaze Light As Air as the base for all nails except for my middle fingernail, which had Revlon Popular. I stamped a feather pattern on my ring fingernails, using A-England Excalibur, and then on the rest of my nails I added two dabbed coats of a homemade glitter polish, (Star Kin) My Mind.



Topped it all off with a thick coat of Misa BREAKneck, and called it done! My sister V calls it the ‘light and flooffy’ mani, and I think that name will stick 😀


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back real soon. Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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