Pumpkin Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

My good friend Megan from Two Lacquered Girls recently had a polish destash, and sent a bunch of gorgeous polishes to me. Squueeee! I had a worry that something would happen to it en route, but it was delivered fine, and what an amazing box of goodies it was! All these polishes, plus some amazingly pretty Kiss nail stickers, glitter, and a few lollies too (which didn’t last long, NOM!)

Megans Nail Mail

And look, little fluffy chicks! Does she know me, or what?! 😀

Now, I have a strange thing with polishes. I don’t like just plain swatching them, (i.e. paint my nails, take a photo, remove polish). I feel I have to wear them all, properly, get to know them. Buy them flowers. Something. So it takes me quite some time to get through my new polishes, and it’s always fun seeing which one I will try first. And the one that won that dubious honour was this hilarious polish!


It looks like a pumpkin! It’s NEON orange! It glows in the dark!  This photo shows three coats on it’s own, plus a glitter top coat franken of mine to tone down some of the neon. I don’t have many neons, but I adored this. So much so that, not two days later, I put it on again (yeah, sorry, other polishes. Your turns will come).


So, more elaborate! I had Kleancolor White as a base (more NEON!), two coats of the Orange Pumpkin, and Cover Band Sticks ‘n’ Stones. I striped off the accent nail, and that made me want licorice allsorts all day! The other nail has a little nail sticker on it, which looked great until the top coat (Misa BREAKneck) made it curl up. Ah well.


And look, in the dark! Ok, hiding in the kids closet. It was dark enough.


Thank you so much, Megan, for all the pretties! I love them 🙂

Have a wonderful day


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  1. I know the kids cupboard, it is tiny, how the hell did you fit in there?

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