Nail’d It: Fall Flowers and Candy Corn – Swatches

Nail’d It – Fall Flowers. Three coats, and fast dry top coat (Misa BREAKneck).

Nail'd It Fall Flowers

Polish is very sheer, but builds surprisingly well. Surprising in that after the first coat you’d swear there was no way it’d ever be opaque, but in three it very nearly is – and in real life it looks opaque thanks to the shimmer and those cute glitters.

Nail'd It Fall Flowers

This is a hard to describe polish – sort of a neutral toned beigey-yellow-gold, with heaps of gold shimmer. And the glitters, small green, mid size orange, yellow and red, and large yellow daisy shaped glitters.




Shimmer with glitter is hard to do, in a polish. This polish JUST manages to get a good balance, I think because it is so sheer. It’s  not a deep polish, but it is a flattering and almost opulent one! Like a rich gold tapestry on the fingers 😀


Nail’d It – Candy Corn. Three dabbed coats, and Misa BREAKneck topcoat.

Nail'd It Candy Corn

This was such an interesting polish, but I wouldn’t try and wear it along like this again, I’d either layer it over a complimentary colour (white, yellow, brown, etc) or a matchy one. I had to dabble the glitters into place like crazy to get any kind of even coverage, but the good thing was that I could do this. I’m not an expert, though I am good at dabbling at most things 😉


But the formula was excellent, and the glitters lay very flat, so I was able to slide the next layer over the first (which dried pretty quickly, another bonus in a dabbley polish!) and into place easily enough. Considering.


It was a gorgeous copper colour with those pops of white, yellow, red and black though. Personally I’d prefer no bar glitter, but it worked visually in the combo, and I certainly enjoyed the glitter factor of this. In the Llarowe photos (I bought this from Llarowe, yes), it looked like it had very large black circle glitters. It doesn’t (sad Panda), but it does have very large black hexes in it, which work really nicely. I just love dot glitter. Ah well, it’s lovely anyway, and I am happy I bought it 🙂

Nail'd It Candy Corn

Have a great day

Ami 🙂


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