Handmade Nail Polishes – Shimmer Edition

Basics – these are polishes my mother or I have made in our polish make-athons, all swatches shown without base or top coat. Some are experimental only, and we’d have to retrace our steps to reproduce them, others have the recipe all written down – those ones are named πŸ™‚

White & Red – I don’t know what this is called! It’s a pearl-white polish with loads of red shimmer throughout.


2 coats on it’s own, pretty, subtle and work appropriate.


Then one coat over Kleancolor Black – maybe if you have a steady hand this would look nice. As it was, I could only see the uneveness!



Pink/Mauve. Or should that be Pauve? This is a proper franken, started with Revlon Sheer Pink, added a touch of a $2 shop pink, then went mad with spectraflair and tint.


2 coats, easy to apply and fast drying, nice soft linear holo effect.


Pansy – Intense reddish purple, with various sizes of holographic glitter and shimmer (small and tiny and tiniest!)


2 coats, bit patchy but applied easily and would be even in 3 coats.


This one is more colour accurate! πŸ˜€

Neon Spots – glitter top coat, matte neon glitter and large black circles, large matte green and purple hexes.


One coat over 2 coats of Pansy. Nice combo!

Neon Spots

Pale Blue Shimmer – scattered holographic and multi-coloured shimmer.


2 coats, no top coat. Very pretty, a soft blue.


Greener Bronze – bronze colour with copper sparkles. I was experimenting with the idea of copper and the way it tarnishes, here. Didn’t quite get it!


2 coats. A touch streaky, and the shimmer is so strong that it was hard to see the copper mini glitter.


Golder Bronze – bronze colour, more gold, obviously! – with copper and green micro glitter.


2 coats – seriously thick! Needs thinner stat πŸ˜€


Browny Holographic – slightly red toned brown with large amount of holographic shimmer.


2 coats, nice formula, nice soft linear holographic effect.


Red – tomato red shimmer, slightly deeper red than the photos show.


2 coats, lovely formula, very shimmery!


Berry Red/Pink – gorgeous polish, either a pink toned deep berry red, or a raspberry pink with strong red interference. Glass type fleck/shimmer which changes red/pink/gold at the edges.


2 coats, very very nice formula.


Purple with Brown – deep purple with brown interference (brown shimmer appears to float on the surface of the polish).


1 coat, this is SERIOUSLY thick! Lovely colour, very unique with the brown shimmer.


Note to self, wear two coats of base polish, this stains – that aside, this is one I KNOW I’ll be reaching for, very soon!


Have a great day

Ami πŸ™‚

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  1. Yay!!! More fun handmades!

  2. Oo the contrasting shinmer in the blue one sounds awesome. Wonder if red/pink shimmered blue would also look nice.

    • I did a happy dance when I made that blue, it was my first grown-up looking polish, I think! Well, I’ve made others but they were either dark purple or nude and this was harder. Red would be nice, or copper I think! Pink…. can’t really go past Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise for that combo, and it’s a stunner. Great ideas there, Grace! πŸ˜€

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