Handmade Nail Polishes: Glitters in Jelly

The final section of our handmade polishes, these are all jelly based polishes with loads of glitter. One is a franken (mixed from other polishes) and the other four are completely handmade, using the Joss suspension base from Beautyworld Australia.

*Testimo Franken – this was a sheer peach/pink with iridescent micro glitter: I added silver and gold mixed shape and size holographic glitter, copper hex glitter, and blue circle glitters.


Photos show three coats, no top coat.


This is insanely glittery, and looks sort of like fish scales, but prettier. I really, really like it!


*Misa Pink – just using the empty Misa topcoat bottle, this is another handmade pink and glittery polish. Deeper pink, this time! Again, multi sized holographic gold and silver glitters, as well as quite a few silver holographic butterflies.


Photos show two coats, no top coat.


I’ve had a few nice comments on this polish, which gives me much happy.


*Orbit – deep berry pink jelly with small red, medium fuchsia and huge light pink circle glitters. There’s a touch of pink/red shimmer in this too, to add some depth.


Three coats here, no top coat


I found the large pink glitters sank to the bottom really fast, I had to shake it up between each nail, which was a bit annoying. Still, in the end there were plenty per nail, and that was good. I may throw a few extra glitter bits in, the advantages of making it myself!


*Blue Moon – silly name, perhaps! Royal Blue jelly with small blue circles and large blue circles with a few pink circles thrown in for interest.

Blue Moon

Oh I love this. Though I kinda wish I’d named it Whale Farts. It may have a name change in it’s future… doesn’t it look like giant bubbles in the sea? 😀


Three coats here, and there is still visible nail line, but all of these can be layered over anything, really. I like the really deep, almost resin, look, so I’m happy with this. Never thought I’d be ok with VNL!


And another photo because I just couldn’t narrow these photos down too much. The glitters lay flat, so they were pretty smooth to the touch just with normal top coat (though I don’t have top coat on here).




*I Heart Hades – Black shimmer/jelly base with red holo hexes, red squares and large red holo hearts.


Three coats here, I did have to do some fishing to get a heart out, again, may just add more.


This could be layered over black, but I do like the half hidden, layered look of this at three coats.


If I may indulge in a self-congratulatory moment, I’m really happy with these polishes! I’m super impressed with the polishes my mother has been making, she’s really branching out and playing with glitter, even – and when her current busy period is over hopefully she’ll be making more of the pretties again; meantime I am treasuring the ones she is making, because, well, they’re awesome.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. Whale farts is the perfect name!

  2. I have been wearing the red ( orbit) all week, lasts well, lots of comments. you are soo cute to your mamma 🙂

  3. Just gorgeous! 😀

  4. I love blue moon! I’m a cancer so I love lunar stuff.
    whale farts cracks me up though!

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