Playing with Ozotics – 500 series

I was going to swatch all these separately, and then I worried I’d annoy someone. You see, Ozotic have discontinued the holographic 500 series, due to supply issues with some of the components. But, I did buy them when I heard they were on the way out, and I do want to show them. So, instead of serious swatches, I played with them, and I’ll show you what I came up with!

Ozotic holographic watercolour

The polishes I used were: 513 (purple), 515 (blue),  and 516 (pink)



Left- right, the first two nails (index and middle) have Ozotic 515 as the base, then dotted with 516 and 513 (the pink and purple holos), the next two had the same base (515), but I put on the 516 and 513 and sort of smooshed it around with lunch wrap to get a textured sort of look – and put a few dots over that.



And, because I thought this looked vaguely reminiscent of the water lilies paintings in the shade, I added blobs to represent those, using dots of Color Club Angel Kiss and Jade Mystic Gold.

Ozotic Holographic Waterlillies

Then, for a change of pace, I tried four of the Ozotic Holographic polishes in a totally different way:

Jessica Cinnamon Kiss Ozotic 500 series mani

This was over Jessica Cinnamon Kiss as a base, and sections were taped off for the polishes. I used Ozotic 517 (green) as well as the other Ozotic 500 series, from above (515, 513, and 516)


You can probably see the slight disadvantage to doing it all at once, by the time I was finished with the last block of colour the first was a bit too dry, and came off a bit when I removed the striping tape.


Ah well, I still like this! It was finished off with Misa Breakneck top coat, and lasted really well.

Ozotic 500 series tape manicure

I do love these Ozotic holographics, they have a nice formula, go on easily, dry very fast, and are insanely holographic. The lighter colours are sheer enough to wear as a top coat over almost every other colour, but still build well to opaque in 2-3 coats. If you can find them anywhere, and you do like holographic polishes, I highly recommend them! 😀

Have a great day



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