It’s been quite some time since I have posted a photo on here, so here is one I took two nights ago.

New Zealand possum

New Zealand possum

This fella was in the tree just outside the house, making that coughing call they do. It’s been quite some time since a possum was around that I almost didn’t know what the sound was! He was quite happy for me to take his picture though, and hasn’t tried to come into the house, which is nice. And, hopefully he’ll move on again soon.

Have a great day



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  1. Your possums are much cuter than ours!

    • really? Here in good ol’ NZ they are a major pest and people kill them and hate them, but me, I really like them. In small numbers. I’ll google your possums, but I think they have longer noses? And a O in front of their name? Or are they the English ones? Fun With Possums! 😀

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