Pretty & Polished: It Gets Better swatches

I have had my eye on this gorgeous little polish for awhile, and finally caved in when I bought my colour changing Pretty & Polished polishes (article here), because it was FINALLY back in stock, and I love it. I do.

Pretty & Polished It Gets Better

Primarily it’s a minty green with a very fine green shimmer, and a rainbow of holographic hexes floating throughout. The formula was really good, it applied really easily and was opaque in two coats, shown in the photos at 2 coats with Misa BREAKneck top coat.


The glitter hexes applied a little sporadically, but it didn’t really matter, they are still pretty! The shimmer, however, was pretty shy, and I don’t think I managed to get any photos of it. Chronically shy. Like, you probably wouldn’t know it was there unless you’d looked closely at the bottle first, shy.


The colour, for me, was perfect. The best light green for my skin tone I have found – no lobster hands at all!


I had to wear this to celebrate New Zealand voting to legalise marriage between two consenting adults, regardless of gender. Yeah, you could say ‘gay marriage’, but I don’t think that’s the point really. The point is us growing up as a nation, and saying gender really DOESN’T matter here, love does. And that’s HUGE. I am seldom proud of my country, but I had some very proud and happy feelings the morning I found the bill had passed. Way to go, those 77 politicians that ‘aye-d’ it, and all the people out there supporting and promoting and picketing and signing and emailing.  And to those of you who are immediately affected by this change, congrats – sorry it’s so long overdue, and IT DOES GET BETTER!


I can’t find It Gets Better on Pretty & Polished website (here) or Etsy shop (here), but she may bring it back – and check out the other amazing polishes, too. One thing I loved about this polish was that she donated some of the proceeds to the It Gets Better foundation, and I always try to support that kind of ethics in business.


Have a great day! And, YAY NEW ZEALAND! GO EQUALITY! *happy dance*

Ami 🙂


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