Wing Dust Collections: Hope – swatches

Introducing Hope, the first polish I’ve tried from my Wing Dust haul so many moons ago – and it’s a beauty. But before we get to the swatches – here is the picture of how my haul from Wing Dust arrived. I just want to say, it was magnificently packed, beautifully presented, and I really want more 😀


Ok, Hope.

Wing Dust Collections Hope

Wing Dust explains: “HOPE: This is inspired by so many amazing people we met while in Mongu, by Hope Church, by the Hope Art program that employs and empowers women of the community. There were so many reasons to Hope, even in the midst of countless heart-breaking circumstances that we saw in our too short time there.” – and that proceeds from the sale of this polish go back to the Zambia project.  Which just sounds lovely, and this polish is VERY pretty.

It is moderately sheer, these photos show three thin coats plus China Glaze Fast Forward top coat, but it dries very quickly in spite of those layers.

Wing Dust Hope

You could also layer this over white, but personally I adored the look just like this; soft, delicate, pretty and yet – those iridescent and satin squares gave real interest.In the sunlight you can see the teeny sparkles – I think it’s holographic glitter, I am not sure. It looks beautiful, and adds a magic sort of quality to it.

Wing Dust Hope

I’m not a ‘fairies dancing’ kinda person, but to my shame that’s sort of where my brain went with this polish, and I didn’t even mind. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails, and that NEVER happens with pale coloured polishes. Well, I can’t say that again, obviously.

Bottle Macro :)

Bottle Macro 🙂

I think this polish has made its way into my top ten.

You can buy it from her shop on Etsy here, as soon as I can I’ll be back for more.


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