China Glaze: Def Defying, swatches and layering.

China Glaze Def Defying- photos show three coats, no top coat

China Glaze Def Defying

A bit streaky at first, but even up nicely by the third coat


And look at that shine!


I then added one layer of another glitter franken of mine – baby blues and pinks in med size hexes and squares, plus some blue iridescent glitters. Finished with China Glaze Fast Forward


Didn’t like this combo as much as I hoped to, it was just a bit subtle for me! Or the green was wrong, or something…


This photo here, under the yellow lights, show the colour more accurately than the others with the glitter topper, even though it makes my fingers look weird. Camera didn’t like to try and grab this colour properly, sooo annoying!


I know I’ll be reaching for Def Defying a lot, it’s such a flattering, funky green. The topper? May have to find something else as a base for that.


Have a great day


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  1. Wearing this on my toes now! Love it!

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