Kleancolor Midnight Seduction: Swatches, Layering, Comparisons

You know, I don’t know where I got this polish from? My sister V? A fellow polish addicts destash? Argh! Anyway, this is Kleancolor Midnight Seduction (really?! Odd name for this colour!)  a pretty, mini glitter which looks pink, purple and blue to my eye. These photos show three coats


It really, really, doesn’t want to be anything but sheer. And the trouble with Kleancolor polishes, apart from the smell (which I actually don’t find too bad), is how thick and slow drying the sheer polishes are. It was alright, I guess. Subtle. Not too showy. A bit boring, for me. And it wouldn’t have dried quickly like this.


So, why not add more, see if I could lift the bland aspect out? This is one coat of my mega-glitter franken. Needless to say, my favourites are the big circles.


Still, a little bland and sheer!


But, why not matte it? I used Essie Matte About You – to see how it looked, and to speed up the dry time.


And it looked… BORING.


Actually, it looked like I was trying to put the FUN in FUNgus hehehe

So, next idea. Layer it over black! And then I noticed my other Kleancolor bottle, waiting to be tried: Kiss Goodbye. And although the colours ARE different, the overall effect is kinda similar. I layered them over Kleancolor Black (one coat), and from left to right the polihses are Midnight Seduction, Kiss Goodbye, Midnight Seduction, Kiss Goodnight.


And they looked great over black! Only one coat too, so dry time was on the faster side of normal, not the slower side of forever.But I really, really thought they were missing holographic sparkle. Possibly because they looked so galactic… easy fixed with one coat of OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle.


(Servin’? SERIOUSLY?Ahem)


And here are the bottles side by side – see, nowhere close to being dupes, but somewhat similar in theme and execution 🙂


Have a great day

Ami 🙂


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  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ your franken!!!

    Also I have worn midnight seduction opaque before but it did take forever to dry.

  2. Please tell me what that one bottle is called w the big sparkles love it!!!

    • The silver and holo OPI is Servin’ up Sparkle, and the multi-coloured glitter with the large black dots is my own franken (and I’d be pretty happy if that’s the one you meant hehe). Thanks for reading!

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