Evil Shades – Pumpkin Queen

My first swatch of the Evil Shades polish, Pumpkin Queen!

Evil Shades Pumpkin Queen

I didn’t want to like this polish, petty – but true. There was quite the saga getting these, I won’t go into detail, and I know the maker has had plenty of drama and illness, and I’m prepared to cut her some slack. I wasn’t happy about a few things, but it turns out I am happy they did eventually arrive, and that this polish IS pretty.


These photos show two coats, and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat. This was a nice thick polish, bordering on too thick but not quite making it there, I will probably drop some thinner in at a later stage, but this applied well, and dried moderately quickly.

Evil Shades Pumpkin Queen

And it looks exactly like glittery pumpkin 😀


It was supposed to be scented, but this one isn’t – which is a bit sad,  but hey. I love the holo mini glitters, and the larger gunmetal hexes, it works really well. And, surprisingly, I like the bar glitter in this! I normally LOATHE bar glitter, but these are teeny, and it just looks like the stringy bits in pumpkin, so really works in this context.


You can get nail polish and makeup from Evil Shades here… after my experience I honestly can’t recommend it, but hey, to each their own!

Have a great day

Ami 🙂



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