Valentine’s Nail Efforts – a belated post! :)

I don’t traditionally ‘do’ Valentine’s Day stuff, it’s the same ol’ toss up between commercial vs real vs ‘but every day should be Valentines Day when you are in a relationship’ waffle… but you know, every day ISN’T Valentines Day, and what the heck, I felt like going for girly colours and hearts. So I did.


This was two coats of Revlon Temptress, topped with my glitter franken (hearts, red, and gold), no top coat here. And I guess it looked ok, but it really wasn’t me.


So I added two dabbed coats of 365 Days of Color Waking Up in Vegas, and matted the whole lot with Essie Matte About You.


Which I liked quite a bit more, I definitely felt I needed the black diamonds to make it a little less princess-y.


The trouble was I thought it had dried, and it hadn’t, not properly… so it all ended up performing a little model of ‘continental drift causing the Himalayan mountain range on my nails, and I had to remove the whole lot. So, start again. With BLUE. Yes, thanks!

Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise

And this beauty is Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise, which I adore, and which I class as fully Valentine-appropriate because a) it has pink shimmer and b) I love it. It’s alll about love, isn’t it? 😀

Girly Bits Arctic SunriseGirly Bits Arctic Sunrise

These photos show two lovely easy coats, no top coat.


Just look at that gorgeous shimmer! It’s so pretty.


And then, just because, I added a veerrryyy subtle gradient by applying a thin coat of Ozotic 903 to the tips.Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise

What that meant is I had powder blue nails with pink shimmer closer to my nail beds, and green, blue, and pink shimmer on the tips.


I was quite impressed with that. Sure no one else would ever notice, but I COULD SEE IT. Happy Valentines Day to meeee! 😀


And then, of course, I found a glitter topper. This is All That Glitters – Whole Hearted Remix, two dabbed coats.


I actually like the way it looks like the matte black and white glitters are floating high above the blue polish, it’s quite appealing for some reason.


And see, blurred, you can see the colour in the shimmer change between Arctic Sunrise and 903.


Close up – this was all finished with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat, which needed thinning. So it’s THICK. Ah well!


Then I called my nails finished, and went off to have a lovely day. I hope you all did too, or if not, that your days today are wonderful!

Ami 🙂


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