Ozotic 518: Swatches and Layering

I’m feeling so gross right now, really sick and flu-filled, with laryngitis on top of the normal cold/flu symptoms. So what to do when feeling sorry for oneself, when one can’t even take a sick day because one’s small children are there 24/7 (esp now as they both have conjunctivitis)? Why yes, paint ones nails.

Ozotic 518

This is a gorgeous red holographic polish by Ozotic that I’ve been looking forward to trying out FOREVER. I bought this from piCture pOlish when I heard they were having to discontinue them, so, yeah, sorry – finding this one may be a tad hard. 😦
Ozotic 518

These photos show two coats, no top coat. The formula was beautiful, and I love, love, love the Ozotic bottle and brush. It’s one of my all time favourites, actually!


And just look at that holographic effect. Those ozotic holographs are just stunning! The rainbow shimmer particles tend to make the base colour pull lighter and greyer than they otherwise would, which gives this particular colour a slightly muted strawberry tone in the shade, and an orange/red cast in the light. The base colour also changes the rainbow to a reddish rainbow. It’s just so pretty.


And then, being me, I layered a glitter over it. In this case, Darling Diva Polish Chrome Job.

Ozotic 518, Darling Diva Polish Chrome Job

One coat of Chrome Job, and China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. These glitters eat top coat though, I really should have used Glitter Food first but yeah, fever and body aches. Not really thinking as well as I normally would try to. πŸ™‚

Ozotic 518, DDP Chrome Job

I am of two minds about this combo! One, I think it would have looked nicer with a matteΒ  glitter layer, the silver sort of competes with the holographic shimmer. On the other hand, it looks a bit tougher for some reason, and I love the silver and gunmetal grey over the red, and it’s SUPER blingy.


Best bit, I’ve had to chop my nails really short, and this combo looks even better with short nails! No photographic evidence yet, but it looks so good πŸ™‚


Stay well, and have a great day

Ami πŸ™‚

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