Holographic Nail Polishes Made by my Clever Mother: Part One

My lovely, talented, and super clever mother popped over to see me on Saturday. “Hi!” She says. “I had a bad day on Friday, and thought I should clean the house and burn the bad mood out productively. But instead I made nail polish. See?”

What a good plan. You should have SEEN my face as she pulls out 8 holographic polishes, and plonks them on my table. Because there are so many, and so many photos needed to be taken, I’ll split this into two lots 🙂 Here is the whole range…


and I split them into warms and cools – well, white, grey, gold, and the light pink here in part one;  and fuchsia, teal, marine blue and blurple in another post. 🙂  All of these polishes were made using the Joss base from Beauty World in Australia, and holographic flakes, as well as the Joss tinters and a bit more besides 😉

So, first, White. And WOW.


I adore this colour, it’s ethereal and flattering without being wishy-washy. I do want it to have more holographic shimmer to it, but that may be tricky without altering the base colour. This is the least holographic out of all 8 polishes.


These show three coats, no top coat. Check out that shine! The shimmer looks silver in most lights, but you can see a subtle scattered holographic effect in very bright light.


This reminds me of feathers, in some way… just so soft and pretty.


Next is this gorgeous grey:


And it is a grey, not a silver. It’s seriously pretty, and VERY holographic.


3 coats, no top coat. Super shiny, and again, flattering – no lobster hands here!


Dry time was nice and fast on this one too 🙂 I think it would make a kick-butt holographic top coat!


Gold / Yellow.


I don’t know if this one is gold or yellow – or both! It looks yellow in the shade, and gold in the sunlight. 3 coats, no top coat.


It was sheer, and there was some VNL even at three coats.


This has a medium level scattered holo effect, which flicks towards the green end of the rainbow spectra. I want to try this over black at some stage!


Dusty Rose




2 coats, no top coat. This polish had a slightly thicker formula, went on well, and dried super fast.


It’s also the nicest Nana colour I have seen 😀


See you in a moment with the next installment!

Ami 🙂


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  1. Those are incredible!
    Are you just going to keep collecting these, or consider selling some one day? I want! Want! 😀

    • geebers that was a fast comment, Sister V. 😀 wellll we may consider selling them once we’ve tested them for longevity! You can come and steal some, though, I am sure!

  2. Awesome. I really like the white one 🙂 Dusty rose looks pretty too.

  3. Dusty Rose one is my favourite, haha I’m such a nana polish kinda person when it comes to pinks.

  4. Wow those are fantastic Ami! Your mom rocks!! lol I want a white holo so bad!! lol but everyone says it ends up looking silver not white.. IDK yours looks white…lol

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