Couple of Purple Manis – Face of Australia Mystic Iris, Darling Diva Polish Snowball etc

I was having nooo luck with my manis, so thought I’d track down one of my frankens and use that one. This is my purple one, based off the L.A Girls Disco Brite Polish. That doesnt’t have a name.


These photos show two coats, with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.


I like how shiny this is, but not how gluggy it is, it definitely needs a thin!


It turned out very pretty and I was happy with it, but then I knocked my hand against something while doing life stuff. Annoying how life gets in the way of nail polish at times. 😉

So, then I dug out a new to me polish, one that my Sister C bought me for my birthday; this is Face of Australia Mystic Iris. Mystic Iris is a pretty, mid toned, slightly red based purple creme. Simple. Gorgeous. Two coats, fast drying, smooth formula. I love Face of Australia products, I wish we could get them here easily! Especially their lipglosses, they are right up there with my favourite glosses ever. And, it appears, they make VERY nice polish too!

Face of Australia Mystic Iris

So smooth and shiny:


And so good for layering on. I added Darling Diva Polish Snowball, and it wasn’t until after I’d top-coated ( with China Glaze Fast Forward again) that I realised I was probably influenced by my short-lived previous mani. Ah well.


One thing was, I got TWO snowflakes out, completely by accident. BIG change from the first time I used it, when I couldn’t get any out even by spear fishing with a large needle. A very nice change!


I liked this, the iridescent blue glitters changed the base colour … to a much bluer looking purple. It was a bit lumpy looking, but not too bad in real life, this lighting (under yellowish lights in the kitchen) does not do it real justice.


And I managed to happily wear this for almost a full 24 hours until the snowflake stuck out too far from the top coat and I picked it off 😀

Have a great day


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  1. o0o that is really pretty! Picking at your polish is so bad!! AMI!,lol (I just did it….hahahaha)

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