Nfu Oh Flakie 60 – Swatches

Just a quick post showing Nfu Oh 60 on it’s own – this is three coats, Misa BREAKneck top coat. I layered it earlier, and found that it was probably deep enough to use on it’s own, and it really is 🙂

Nfu oh 60

It’s a brown tone, rather than black, but the flakies all show up and shift really pretty, and it was moderately quick drying and easy to remove.


Sorry for the poor photos, I had no natural light to work with and my camera hates the kitchen lighting (which is, so far, my best alternative) and makes things look HORRIBLE. This isn’t a horrible polish though 🙂


Bottle shot to show all those colour changing flakes! Love flakes..


The only photo I really got with some of the shift on my nails..


Have a great day



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  1. I have wanted one of those stupid bottles since I started blogging…lololol and the one of the female body… I’m not sure if they are the same brand? and your photos look

    • I might be the same brand? It’s shaped like a corset/female torso.. the polish is really nice too, and it’s quite a nice shape for the cap. But… I’m so split between like it and hating the silly bottle idea! Hehe. Thanks for commenting! ❤

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