BC Co Shade 21.

There’s a story here. Neighbour N and I were going for a walk, when I noticed her polish, and immediately wanted it. But, she didn’t know the name (it didn’t have a name, it’s part of the L.A. Girl Polka Dot Nail Art pack, Dot Tastic.The next day, while in town, I spied a new-to-me brand – this one,  BC Co – which had a polish that looked similar to the one Neighbour N had on… and as it was only $3, I bought it.


Neighbour N then very kindly lent me the L.A. Girl mini to try, and as it’s a mini I put it on one finger only, and then put BC co 21 on the other nails.


Can you tell which?


My ring finger had the Polka Dot blue. I reckon that’s a pretty close match, and good going for picking a shade from memory! Two coats of both of the polishes, no top coat. Both have good formula, L.A. Girl was slightly better, but only slightly, and both were slightly runny.


Dry time was a little on the slow side of average, but not enough to be annoying. Removal was easy, and there was no staining. I’m super pleased I found a dupe, because I adore this colour, and don’t have enough cremes!


Have a great day

Ami 🙂

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  1. This color is perfect for summer. I love it! How’d you make the ring?


    • It’s a gorgeous colour, and yes, perfect for summer. Which has now left our hemisphere. Sob sob 😀 The ring was some copper wire which I hammered and twisted around the horn end of a badly attached anvil 😀 Also easy, but lots of fun and quite wearable!

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