Pretty and Polished: Cuttlefish – Swatches

Introducing my first temperature controlled colour changing nail polish; aka the Mood Polish. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pretty & Polished Cuttlefish

I’m so going to make a ring out of this.


This is Pretty & Polished Cuttlefish, which I had to buy because a) Cuttlefish are some of my all time favourite animals, an b) look at it, it’s stunning! These photos show three coats of Cuttlefish, and a top coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.


When it’s cold, this polish is a pretty mid teal blue, with blue, green and silver glitters. When it warms up (i.e ALL THE TIME at the moment, it’s Summer!) it goes to a very soft almost white blue, and you can see there are periwinkle glitters too, and some of the glitters are circles! Yay!


During these photos I had to pour cold water over my fingers to get themย  to change, and they’d snap back to white as soon as I turned the water off. This is NOT a slow changing polish, it’s really fast! When I would go swimming, or for a walk in the morning, my nails would be blue. So very entertaining for me. Imagine a car painted like this! In winter you’d have a blue car, in summer a white one, and in the mornings you’d have a blue car with a white bonnet lol


Dry time was fast, removal was easy, and it lasted for quite a few days before chipping. It did need all three coats, because it was a bit sheer. I’d imagine you could layer it fine, but not sure which colour you’d choose to layer it over, and I love the depth of glitter at 3 coats.


So, enough rabbitting. I want all of her colour changing polishes, like RIGHT NAOW. And I want to layer Ruby Wing Desert Valley over Cuttlefish. Could you imagine the colour changing combinations? *brain explodes with the Glee of Gimmicks*


I love the way this can make a gradient, with blue at the tips, when the conditions are just right – even on my short nails ๐Ÿ™‚


Have a spectacular day



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