OPI Stay the Night – Liquid Sands – Swatches

My first OPI polish in a very long time, this is Stay the Night from the new Mariah Carey collaboration. Please don’t hold that against me. It looked a very pretty polish!

OPI Stay the Night

And, it is. These photos show three coats, and I found it needed all three: it looked good at two coats, but was a little patchy. I didn’t use top coat, and this is one of the new Liquid Sand  – aka gritty – textured polishes. One thing, in most swatches I thought it was black with pink sparks. It’s not, it’s a very dark brown instead, and it looks AMAZING.


I did think this was going to be very gritty, but it feels more like fine grit sandpaper that has been worn down a bit, soft little bumps of grit, I’ve had worse grit from normal glitter polishes (China Glaze, some of yours, for example!), and this was really tactile, I kept patting my nails, but in a good way. It certainly doesn’t catch on sheets, hair or clothes, and if you were the sort of person who’d ever pick their nose *cough* then this will not interfere with your habit 😉


I adored this polish. It was a lot nicer on than I thought it would be, the pink glitz added something special to the vampy brown, and it went really well with my tanned (olive) skin tone. I also think it will look great on winter hands, too!


The dry time was actually quite slow (it goes on shiny but lumps up as it dries), which was moderately disappointing, but once dried it wore like iron.


Whole hand photo…


On the whole, I’d call this a sexy polish. A bit different, but not in-your-face, and very easy to apply and wear.

Then, because I thought I should, I added top coat. But only as an accent nail. I tell you, this was amazing straight out of the bottle!


And… it was still pretty. But nothing special. To make sure it was smooth I used a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, then China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. It was super smooth. And, a wee bit boring compared to it all sandy. Nice to have the versatility though!


Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂



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