Sunrise this morning…

I am loving my morning wanders – it seems to clear my mind and get me going for the day. If I don’t, I’m grumpy and unproductive. Though that means I may have to get a good headlamp so I can keep going through winter… Anyway, it’s getting a little darker in the mornings now. Not much, but when you’re out at 6am every morning, it’s noticeable. And no more moon visible, but I did catch these clouds as the sun warmed them up, about 6.25 am.

sunrise 4 Feb

It’s a different story now; raining! Which we so badly need. But I may not be able to take my camera tomorrow… argh for a waterproof lightweight good camera. If wishes were fishes we’d walk on the sea..

Have a wonderful evening

Ami 🙂

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  1. I saw the sunrise, it was really delicate, that’s the only way I could describe it, lovely. glad you saw it too.

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