Orly Razzle and Nfu Oh 60 – swatches and layering

More polishes from the amazing haul from my facebook polish group of Full On Enablers šŸ˜€ (love you girls! You rock!) – here is Orly Razzle.

Orly Razzle

I… liked this polish more than it liked me. Its a lovely deep raspberry fuchsia colour, with heaps of pink and silver shimmer through it. Two coats here, I could have used a third according to the unforgiving Mr Macro, but in real life it looked fine with two.


Check out that amazing shimmer…Even in the shade the silver showed up to add visual interest – smooth, too. A large shimmer, not a glitter.


My skin tone doesn’t love fuchsia pinks – and so I thought I’d layer Nfu Oh 60 over it. In the bottle it’s a multi-hued flakie in a black jelly base, and I am used to black jelly bases being very sheer. “great” thinks Ami to herself “it will deepen the pink and add flakies! Win!”


um. This is a nice dense jelly. I’m pretty sure this would be opaque in 3 coats on its own. And yes, you could say it deepened the pink… all the way into auburn. This is one coat of Nfu Oh 60. ONE. Pretty though! I did like this, even though I’m not that good at making an even layer, apparently! Ah well…2013_01040036

These photos show a slightly different look on my pinky nail – it has a coat of Kolt Lunatic, but the duochrome doesn’t show up, it must need to be layered over black.




Lots of shine from this combo! I had finished it off with one coat of Misa BREAKneck, which was getting kinda gluggy.

Showing the green shift of the flakes…


There you go! I can’t wait to try Nfu Oh on it’s own, and I think Razzle will make a great base colour for a LOT of glitter toppers I have.

Have a great day!

Ami šŸ™‚


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  1. OH MY! I thought the Razzle was looking pretty on it’s own but when I scrolled down further I fell in love. I’ve never heard of NFu before. It’s looks amazing paired wit Razzle. I love it! šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Nfu Oh is a new-to-me brand, too – I don’t know if I love their corset bottles, or not … but I doooo love the polish inside the bottles hehehe. Thanks so much for reading, and your lovely words!

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