Up Colors Azul Disco & Lush Lacquer Crusin 4 a Bruisin

This is Up Colors Holographico in Azul Disco, which the gorgeous Del from Domestic Minxes got me in our recent Christmas polish swap:

Up Colors Azul Disco

Isn’t it beautiful? I have Iris, which I’ve shown a few times already, and this is a deeper, more grey toned blue with the same gorgeous formula and soft holographic effect. And I love the little square Up Colors bottles.


This is two coats, no top coat, with a small amount of sunlight. It was a pretty cloudy day!


I feel very lucky to have this polish, thanks Del!


Then for added fun, I put on two thin coats of Lush Lacquer Cruisin 4 a Bruisin, which Sister V bought for me for my birthday (squueee!), previously shown here.


This was a neat combo, all those glitters sitting around in their ‘admire me!’ way, and the holographic soft blue peeping through happily underneath.

Lush Lacquer Cruisin 4 a Bruisin

I used Misa BREAKneck topcoat, which is just brilliant for these smooth lying glitter polishes, and very fast drying too.


Thanks, friends and siblings, for such a gorgeous mani!


Have a great day



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  1. Yaaaay! Perfect combo 😀

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