Ozotic Beam 907: Swatches, Layering and Review.

Third of the four stunning polishes sent to me for review, this is Ozotic Beam 907, a pretty, sparkly, mother-of-pearl looking polish.

Ozotic Beam 907

This shows three coats, no top coat. In these photos it looks a bit sheer, but the camera must have x-ray vision because I couldn’t see any sheerness in real life, it was too blingy for that!


Beam 907 has a very strong green flash to it, a lovely iridescence, but it isn’t greenish toned at all – it’s more a true definition of white ‘all the visible colours of the spectrum’ have been put in this – there is a rainbow, but it’s a iridescent rainbow, not a holographic one. Super pretty and clean, and it doesn’t look harsh at all!


And then, naturally, I thought about how it would compare to piCture pOlish White Wedding, which I bought some time ago.

piCture pOlish White Wedding, Ozotic Beam 907

Well, as you can see, White Wedding – on my ring finger) is much, er, whiter. It also starts off much softer, and the density builds up very differently. This is three coats of both (White Wedding and Beam 907), no top coat.

piCture pOlish White Wedding, Ozotic Beam 907

There is a ‘rainbow’ particle in White Wedding which is just gorgeous – it’s sort of a soft creme jelly hybrid with miniscule iridescent particles. Beam 907, in comparison, looks like it is completely made of those same iridescent particles, which are quite a lot larger.


Both are gorgeous, both are completely different. Both take awhile to dry without topcoat, too, beware of that. And of the two, I much prefer the brush in the Ozotic bottle to the White Wedding brush – the Ozotic brush is just a bit shorter and easier to use.


O.k, that’s a comparison! Now… how about layering Beam 907 over white? You know, to conserve the polish and everything – does that look different?

Ozotic Beam 907 over Kleancolor White

Uh, yeah. Very different. This is one coat of Kleancolor White, and one coat of Beam 907, no top coat. This is a harsher look, much ‘whiter’ and not as diffuse, but again that soft green flash and the multi-coloured iridescence softened it enough that it was still very wearable. One thing to note about Beam 907 – removal, while easy, tends to cover the fingers up to the knuckle with silver shimmer. Which takes FOREVER to get off. Just saying 🙂


And finally, I do know from stalking other blogs and swatches that the Beam and Sugar series are designed to be able to be layered, and I knew I wanted to do it over black. This is one coat of Beam 907 over Kleancolor Black – one coat of each.

Ozotic Beam 907, Kleancolor Black

And then I added one coat of Cover Band Sticks & Stones:


And I placed some black rhinestones at the base of my ring finger, and topped the whole lot off with Misa BREAKneck top coat.


This looked so much BETTER than I thought it would, the main colours that showed were green and blue, and some purple too.


It all dried about average speed with the fast dry top coat, and then wore quite well too!


You can buy Ozotic and piCture pOlish polishes from piCture pOlish website here, and Gracie Lou here in New Zealand. You can still scan the QR code on the side of the bottles to be taken to their websites, too.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂

*Disclosure: the Ozotic polish shown here, Beam 907, was provided to me for review. All other polishes, bad cleanups, poor photography, overly wordy descriptions, opinions and random hand poses are entirely my own.*

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  1. *Disclosure: the Ozotic polish shown here, Beam 907, was provided to me for review. All other polishes, bad cleanups, poor photography, overly wordy descriptions, opinions and random hand poses are entirely my own.*

    lol.. I just lol…

    I want white wedding so bad!!

    AND Beam 907 is so pretty

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