Lush Lacquer Cruisin 4 a Bruisin & Boe Beauty Purple Knights Swatches

Birthday polishes! Birthday polishes from two sisters, independently chosen which work brilliantly together 😀

This is Boe Beauty (a new to me brand) in Purple Knights – a gorgeous blue based purple with blue and red shimmer- this was a present from Sister C – yippee!



These types of polish colours are some of my all time favourites! The formula on this was a bit runny, but quite workable, this is two coats here.


Then I added on thin coat of Cruisin 4 a Bruisin – blue, black and mid purple matte in a clear base, part of Lush Lacquers Halloween range, I believe, and a birthday present from Sister V. Thanks, Sister V! I LOVE IT! 😀

Lush Lacquer Crusin 4 a Bruisin

This is my second Lush Lacquer polish, and so far I love them all – they are packed full of glitter, and apply almost as easily as a creme. Seriously. Just brush it on like normal, and done!


*sighs in happiness*


Then I matted it with Essie Matte About You:


And wore this for two days, showing everyone I could 😀


Thank you, Sisters V and C, for providing me with a perfect-for-me manicure! LOVE YOU!

Have a great day

Ami 🙂

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  1. You’re most welcome! And it looks awesome 😀

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