Kleancolor Bridal Shower, Mmmm Nails, and Brown Contact Lenses

More quick photos! This is Kleancolor Bridal Shower, a pretty and delicate silver with large silver holographic hexes.

This polish… does NOT photograph well. That’s a personal pet peeve of mine, and rest assured I will GET better photos at some point.


These photos show two coats, and it doesn’t look that sheer in real life: It is also not very lumpy at all, the hexes lie surprisingly flat to the nail.


Then I added a new-to-me polish, called The Boy Who BROKE My Heart, from Mmmm Nails. I bought this from her Etsy shop here, and she shipped fast, and the polishes arrived safely and well packaged. The large matte circle / dot glitters sold me on this polish, I have a HUGE craving for circle and square glitters, for some reason!


Anyway, this is one dabbed coat of TBWBMH, and realistically that meant I fished out some glitters, slapped them where I wanted them, then dotted the base silvery glitter around to hold it all in. Not very hard to do, not as easy as just applying polish, but the pay-off is well worth the fiddling around. I just wish there was more glitter in it! These glitters do sink – I guess unless it has a base of custard it’s going to, they are LARGE and heavy glitter. Just tip it upside down for a few minutes before using, and there they are at the top, viola! 😀


I found the circles were the most elusive though, which was a bit annoying. I got them in the end though, hah!


And just for fun, I wore my brown contact lenses that day. Its quite fun to change my eye colour completely, but the iris part is much larger than my actual iris, which tends to freak people out a little. Sorry, checkout operator at New World.


AND the nails…2012_12200037

Have a great day!



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  1. I was just looking at Mmm Nails on Etsy – I want everything she has made!

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