Revlon Royal plus Cult Nails Seduction

Remember how I said I bought some Revlon nail polish, against my better thoughts? Well… this is the main reason why. Revlon Royal. A polish I have had mad longings for since I first saw it, about a year ago now I guess. And while a large part of me is disgusted at my sell-out-ness, another part is cackling and holding this pretty to my bosom 😀

no top coat!

no top coat!

One thing I didn’t know  is that it dries satin. Plenty of neon pigment in here! It is my perfect blue. I love love love this colour. I did know the formula was going to be a pain, and good thing too, because it really is. Not very streaky; this is two coats and it’s even enough, but watery, and with random blobs of polish to come screaming down the brush at the last second and SURPRISE! SMURF FINGERS! 😀

As soon as I saw this on, I thought “Cult Nails Seduction.”


Pretty, pretty, pretty. This is the original two coats of Royal, with one layer of Seduction (boy are those flakies packed into that polish!) and a top coat – Kleancolor Fast Dry (lies, it doesn’t dry that fast at all, but it was all I had).


I did really like this, but I couldn’t capture the green shift in the flakes! Next time. I’ll try harder next time. These photos are all in the golden light – before twilight, but this looked lovely any time of the day.


Inside… and showing the red a bit more


Have a colourful day



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  1. I found Royal in my local Poundland a couple of weeks ago and was very excited!

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