Revlon Emerald City – plus dots :)

I saw Jessie’s swatches of Emerald City, and then when I saw the polish for sale at the local (Palmerston North) Postie Plus, I had to buy it. I normally avoid Revlon, as they have started animal testing after being anti – cruelty for a long time, but want the China market. I won’t go into how angry and sad that makes me. And yet – I caved with a few Revlon polishes recently. I’m nowhere even close to perfect, and that just proves it! *guilt*

Ok, here it is!


Revlon Emerald City, two coats. In the bottle it’s a lovely deep green with shimmer, and on the nail it dries completely matte. So, yeah, I love it. Here I added dots of top coat, to give it the effect you see here. Easy nail art! As easy as it gets, really.


This is inside, no good lighting. The colour is pretty true to life!


I did enjoy this, however it chipped really fast (as mattes are prone too) so it’s more of a special occasion polish, or I guess I could put top coat over the tips for a funky french / anti-chip and tip wear look. πŸ™‚

Have a nice day



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  1. Jessie’s swatch was the reason I picked it up too! So cute with the dots, good thinking πŸ˜€

  2. geat color! love the dots

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