Daily Lacquer Makoto: Swatches, Layering and Review

I finally get around to the write-up on this cute polish! This is a pretty new Independant Polish brand, Daily Lacquer. Maggie (the creator) is super lovely to deal with, shipping was fast and packaging was a) great and b) really pretty (you can see it in this post here).This is Makoto, a green, pink, and holographic silver glitter top coat – based on the Sailor Moon series. Now, eek, I know nothing about Sailor Moon, but I do know what polishes I like, and I like this one!

Makoto - Daily Lacquer

Makoto – Daily Lacquer

For a start, I layered it over China Glaze Gaga For Green. (2 coats, no top coat – nice polish but thin and floody, hence the green cuticles, sorry!).

China Glaze Gaga For Green - sunshine.

China Glaze Gaga For Green – sunshine.

  Then one coat of Makoto. This is an almost perfect top coat! There are so many glitters that it’s super easy to get enough on your nail, but not so many that they clump. I did have to move a few around a touch to a better position, but nothing strenous at all. No curling, no tricky bits.This glitter is chunky, so I finished it with a coat of NPB Glitter Food – hence the satin look in these photos. I quite like this effect!


2012_11160005 (2)


2012_11160009 (2)

And with a coat of Kleancolor Fast Dry – shade, so as not to blind anyone 😀

2012_11160013 (2)

Oh, what’s that I hear? You *might* like this polish a little, but it could be too sweet for you? Fair enough – I wouldn’t agree, because I like glitter polishes which are versatile. But, for you, my not-so-sweet people, I give you this:

2012_11160032 (2)

Two coats of Makoto over Kleancolor Black, matted with Essie Matte About You.

2012_11160040 (2)

How’s that? I loved this. I like it over the green, I suspect I’ll like it over blue, white,  purple and possibly gold, but I did love it over the black.

2012_11160036 (2)

I did two coats of Makoto to really get that contrast between the matte black and the colourful glitters going, but of course you could do more, or less, depending on the effect you want.

2012_11160035 (2)


2012_11160043 (2)

Dry time on this polish was about average – quicker with the matte, of course. Matting it left it a bit bumpy;  you could easily overcome this by adding a thicker top coat first, then matte it down. Up to you. I’m lazy, so I didn’t.

Have a great day

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  1. Eeee can’t wait for my bottle to arrive!! Sailor Jupiter was always one of my favourites :3 Once I get some more income I think I’d rather like to get her whole Sailor Moon collection 😀

  2. This is really cute! I love it over black too 🙂 I’m lost though, I can’t see the cute packaging in the post you linked to. /squints

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