Winterlicious Tag

Del from Domestic Minxes tagged me in this fun series – all about enjoying Winter. In December. Which it’s not for me, so I’ll try and remember winter. Which won’t be hard, seeing as it is SNOWING on the hills behind us. WTF? 😀

Favourite Winter Nail Polish: Er, I don’t do seasonal polishes, I do what-I-feel-like-at-the-time polishes. I have, however, ordered a few super Christmassy polishes and am looking forward to a month of Xmas nails! I think China Glaze Blue Years Eve is one of my all time favourites for the cooler months, along with all the vampy deep reds and shimmery purples. China Glaze Angel Wings, purchased very recently, has shot right up the list of ‘wintery’ favourites, too!

Favourite Winter Lip Product. Winter or summer, it’s lip balm. I love all lip products, yes, and would find it hard to pick a favourite lipbalm, even. I do like A’dors lipbalm though, it’s very sheer but stays moisturising for a long time.

Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece: Definitely the wool jacket my sister gave me. It’s nice! And I get very cold.

Most Worn Winter Accessory: Shoes! You almost never see me without shoes in winter. I also like scarves, and my fluffy hats.

Favourite Winter Scent/Candle. Lush Vanillary – mixed with a bit of Lush Orange Blossom. I love Vanillary, sometimes it seems a bit sweet so I mix it with something else, but it’s lovely and warm. I also bought a heap of sample vials from Dorian & Dahl, and I love so many of those! I also bought a chocolate scented candle from New World (supermarket) and it’s awesome! I don’t burn it, but it makes my living room smell like yummy chocolate. Actually, I dusted it a week ago and there’s a bite mark in it. Kids. Heh heh heh

Favourite Winter Beverage. Mmm. Coffee? I like coffee. I think though, I really look forward to mulled wine or buttered beer in winter. YUM. It doesn’t happen often, but it only happens in winter…

All-Time Favourite Christmas Movie. I’ve never watched one. Yeah. Whoops?

Favourite Christmas/holiday song. Whatever I can sing along with! Again, most of them I don’t know. Before anyone throws things at me, I’ve only really been doing ‘Christmas’ for a handful of years – seriously, for the last 2. There are good reasons, but I am starting to really get into the whole concept of chosing a time to have a positive celebration, so this is fun 🙂

Favourite Holiday Food/Treat. Christmas cake! With LOADS of almond icing. YUS. Strawberries and cream. And the cake.

Favourite Christmas Decoration This Year: My tree! I bought one last year, for the first time. It’s plastic, but I like it. I did have a pine tree in a planter that I brought inside in December, but it died for some reason, so I bought a big black fake tree. And I love it… am going to set it up tomorrow and am really excited about that!

What is at the top of my Wishlist this Year? Nail Polish! And vouchers for cool places like Lush etc. If Mr Santa bought me jewellery that would be nice, too. I need a watch…and world peace. That’d be bloody nice.

What are your plans for the Holidays? I’m having my family over for Christmas, and that’ll be nice! Hopefully we’ll get away for some day trips, otherwise I’m thinking plenty of swims in the river and just generally having a lazy summer sounds nice to me 🙂

My turn to tag! I tag Megan from Two Lacquered Girls and Aly from The Classy Anarchist!

And here’s an It’s Not Winter Here photo – this was a floral arrangement by my eldest son – he brings me buttercups. I love it 😀 And then he arranged them for me in my cup… so pretty!


Have a great day, and happy December!



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  1. Yay! And that pic is too cute :3

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