Color Club Halo-Graphic – Swatches

Here’s the third Color Club holographic polish I purchased from the Halo Hues collection: This is Halo-Graphic.

Cute name! Please forgive the tiny photos, I took a heap of photos of this and a few other polishes without realised the camera setting was on teeny. Gak.

Anyway, this is a lovely polish. It’s a soft, flattering pink with an almost lilac tone to it, somehow. It’s definitely pink, but the holographic rainbow seems a bit purple to me. Super pretty!

The holographicness is intense, and the formula is beautiful. These photos are two easy coats, no top coat. The dry time is a bit slower than the super-holos (like the Layla or Jade holographics), but faster than your average creme polish – so it’s a good option if you are in a hurry. I have read that top coat won’t dim the holographic effect on these Color Club polishes, which is awesome too. I just have so many I want to try that I don’t bother putting on top coat unless I need to 😀


Wear time was average – there was a chip in a nail within 1 day, but thats pretty standard for my soft nails with any polish, and actually pretty good for a holo.

And I really liked this because it wasn’t silver, or very nearly. 😀

Have a colourful day!
Ami 🙂


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  1. It can’t be bad if its metallic or holographic 🙂 Love the nails!

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