Polish Revolution: Oh My Goth! Swatches, Reviews, Layering.

Oh, in the bottle I love this so much.

This is Oh My Goth, by Polish Revolution. Clever name, clever use of font, gorgeous polish! But, on me, I really did struggle with this one. It’s not the polishes fault, it’s my skintone and lifestyle.

So… story synopsis: I tried three coats on it’s own, and I couldnt get it quite even or opaque for me… but I still liked it. So I tried it over Kleancolor Concrete Grey, and that looked great, but then whoops, kids to bed time, nails still wet, so I had to take it off. Then, I tried it over Kleancolor Pearl Silver… and didn’t check the camera setting so it’s all small pics:

And… it just didn’t work well over the reflective silver base coat. I love the look of the polish, all that squishy warm grey with the silver and purple glitters and large matte black hearts. But on my skintone, it just made my fingers look dirty.

So I tried a layering experiment, to help me for the next time. Because there WILL be a next time, I think this polish is super pretty and different and I will wear it again. So, heres Kleancolor Black, Kleancolor Concrete Grey, and Kleancolor White, and Natural Nail of Yellow. Yeah, you can buy that. Just put the wrong polish on with no base coat. No, don’t thank me, buy me presents πŸ˜€

And then one layer of Oh My Goth!

Two layers of Oh My Goth!

Three layers of Oh My Goth! over the bare nail and White:, I left the Concrete Grey and Black at two coats, because they looked fine with two.

So… I personally prefer the two coats over the Concrete Grey, with Black being a close second, it darkens it up enough to not clash with my skin tone.

Oh My Goth itself is quite a thick polish, so I may drop a few drops of thinner into it, but it dries at an average time, covers well in two or three coats depending what you are layering it over, and just has that quirk factor I really like. Check out Polish Revolutions Etsy shop here!

Have a great day


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  1. I think I like it best over the grey too πŸ˜€

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