Dinosaur Nest Mani: Featuring China Glaze Make a Spectacle :)

Make a Spectacle is a GORGEOUS iridescent glitter, that on the nail shows orange and several different greens. WOW. I knew (from seeing swatches, and talking to Shipra from Taneja’s Bride) that Cast A Spell is a perfect base for Make A Spectacle, but I wanted to try Kalahari Kiss as well. Accent nail time!


Two coats of each, no top coat. You all know from the previous post here how much I love Cast A Spell. I wasn’t prepared for how much I love Kalahari Kiss. It’s so close to my skin tone, but it – just – works. And then I dotted with Cast A Spell. The idea was to cluster them thicker at the bottom, and more sparse at the top, that’s just what I felt like doing.

And then I thought it looked weird. Cool, but weird.

Then one ONE! coat of Make a Spectacle over all of them. This was so easy to apply. Just perfect.


And it looked very… dinosaur over the green, and my accent nails looked like an egg 😀 LOVE!

Then, because I liked the reptile theme and reptiles aren’t often shiny, I matte’d it with good ol’ Essie Matte About You.  Even more dinosaurian!

Even my husband liked this one, and agreed it looks like dinosaurs and an egg :D. Even though the odds are good that dinosaurs actually had feathers. This one didn’t, ok! *Sshhhh!*


And a whole-hand photo in poor lighting…

Have a great day


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  1. *swoon* I have Kalahari Kiss and only just got Make A Spectacle… and now you’re making me need Cast a Spell!!! You evil woman you! 😀

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