Franken Polish Post!

A long, long time ago yesterday, I managed to accidentally get my mother hooked on nail polish. Whoops. I’m really happy about that. 😀  One thing has led to another… actually, liking polish has led to a frothing obsession, and now we’re toying with creating our own polishes.To start with, I suggested we start small, and try and upgrade some already made polishes. The art of mixing glitter and colour into already made polish (or one polish into another, often) is called ‘frankening’ – I guess, making a monster, frankenstein, parts from everything polish. Me Likey. These are our first attempts: I just wish I had pictures of the before product!

First we had a Sillk polish – this was originally a horrible frosty Barbie pink. brrrrrr. Some experimenting later, and while it still had a munted brush, this is what it looks like.

Lumpy, thanks to the brush, but still better than it was x 100,000!

2 coats, and Kleancolor top coat.

Then another Silk polish, this one was originally a beeeaauuuttiful *heavy sarcasm alert* orange/salmon/peach. It had an even worse brush. I think this was purchased from a $2 shop and if so, it was $2 overpriced.

Now it’s quite a neat copper colour with gold and holo glitter. 🙂 Two coats, no top coat.

Now, a BYS polish: This was Million Dollar Baby, a pale gold glitter in a clear base, it was quite nice on it’s own. But after seeing some of the gorgeous Christmas polishes out, I really wanted a festive red jelly with gold and green glitters…so I sacrificed it to the Goddess of Creativity.

These photos are three coats, no top coat.

I like it, it’s not quite what I wanted but close enough to make me happy.

And finally, a Kleancolour polish: this WAS Twinkly Love – multi coloured holographic hearts in a clear base. I added blue, and holo glitter.

Two coats, and it’s still jellyish and squishy with some visible nail line, and the colour isn’t quite bottle colour. Three coats, or layering it over a blue would make it opaque, but I was running out of time, and quite like the jelly effect.

So, what do you think? Do you franken your own polishes? Would you?

And if you can hold on for a moment, I’ll show you the polishes we made from SCRATCH. Now, THAT’s exciting! 😀

Have a great day,


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