China Glaze Cast A Spell: Swatches & Layering with Darling Diva Polish

What a stunning polish. This is China Glaze Cast a Spell, from the 2012 Halloween collection.

This is like my beloved Wagon Trail on steriods – it’s just… more.

This is one coat, believe it or not. One simple, fast drying, easy to apply, self-levelling dream of a coat.

No top coat, just pure beauty. LOOK at that shimmer 😀 I bought this from Head2Toe Beauty 🙂

So, for layering fun, I added another polish of beauty – Darling Diva Polishes Mitochondrial Eve.

Sigh, look at that. What a lovely combo. One coat of Mitochondrial Eve, no top coat.

And then… I matted it with Essie Matte About You.


Absolutely LOVE this mani! 😀 It lasted quite some time without chipping, too, which is always nice for a matte’d polish. It was a bit textured to the touch, but the visual effect was so lovely I didn’t mind.

Hah, look at that big wrinkle on my pointer finger! Argh! Now look at the others, shows the polish off nicer 😀


Have a great day,


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  1. I have and love this polish! It looks SUPERB with Spectacle! I love this matte! 🙂

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