Color Club: Harp On It and Blue Heaven Comparison Swatches.

Quick comparison swatches of two of the Color Club Halo Hues collection I bought from Head2Toe Beauty:

from L to R: Blue, Harp, Blue, Harp 🙂

This is also an update – on this nail mail post here I commented that I thought that I had got a faultily packed bottle of Blue Heaven, as it looked the same as Harp on It. I contacted Head2Toe and, gotta give them credit, they replied within 3 days. No, no fault, Blue Heaven IS supposed to look silver.

So I thought I’d flick up a quick comparison for those looking to purchase these two, to help with any decisions:

Pinky and Middle fingers have  Harp on It,  Ring and Pointer have Blue Heaven.

Rainbows inside lighting!

These AREN’T identical. They’re right. But they are VERY, VERY close.

Personally, I don’t think that anyone would ‘need’ both. Unless you’re a holographic polish addict like myself, I certainly need both. ALL the holographics.  But I may have a slight problem heh heh heh.

These polishes are both super gorgeous, easy to apply, fast drying and very holographic.

So, yes, in real life Blue Heaven should be called Slightly Darker Silver Heaven, but they are pretty.

More outside rainbow photos… in real life you CAN tell the difference, in the shade only. As soon as those rainbows flare, forget it!

Have a wonderful day

Ami 🙂

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  1. I’m definitely planning on picking up a couple of the CC holos next time I’m allowed a h2t order! But I’ll be sure to decided carefully between these two, since they’re so similar >_<
    I wish they weren't so much more expensive that the other CC polishes though!!

    • I think Harp on it is *slightly* more holographic. Plus, being silver, its easier to use as a topcoat, though its nice and not sheer so would be a funny top coat – but it’d still work. I get why they’re more expensy, blimmin spectraflair et al is pricey, and these are in a league with Jade etc, so it’s a bargain in my eyes 😀 Rambling, I am. Apologise I do. Turned into Yoda, I have. 😀

      • Yep they’re definitely a bargain compared to other holos! Thanks for the info, I’ll take it into consideration when I eventually buy them 😀

  2. Oh i love how it looks. Im might be a little blind, but i can’t really tell the difference. But i sure would love to get one of these. What a great statement idea for your nails 😉

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